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  1. this is my list of food that kicks ass when ur blazed. this is mainly shit that we can figure out after spending some time with the mistress, white widow. feel free 2 add on ur favorites.

    bagel bites
    pop tarts
    pepperidge farm soft baked cookies
    gold fish (always BAKED;))
    hot pockets (especially pizza flavor)
    chips ahoy
    cheese sticks
    pop corn (gotta have extra butter)
    frozen pizza
    fish sticks
    anything from sonic
    mickey ds
    ruffles sour cream and onion
    slim jims
    sunflower seeds
    any candy

    thats all i can tthink of. add on!
  2. When I'm stoned I actually prefer fresh fruit! kiwis oranges apples mangos watermellon, ah its all so fucking good. and technically it isnt food but drink, water and this fruit juice that goes by the name of naked. its pretty amazing in taste and extremely healthy for you, helps alot with hangovers and when youare sick and stuff.
  3. I'm all about the chocolate covered pizza with hot sauce and whipped cream, cheeze doodles, pickles, and beer
  4. All that stuff's good but so unhealthy for you. That's why you gotta be careful of the munchies if you're kind of weight conscious. I prefer fruits and actual meals instead of just snacks.
  5. i'm realy skinny, so i need the fat :p
  6. I eat chocolate puddin tell the cows come home. Its to nummy! lol! Just not any kinda chocolate puddin, its gotta be the home made shit made my Jello! Its called chocolate Fudge! Its good shit! I will eat 2 boxes a day. I think every stoner should go out and try it.
  7. my only real edit would be is get rid of that "bagel bite" shit. gimme a full sized bagel when I'm munchin. :D
  8. my favorite thing i have come up with so far
    is probably also the simplest, yet so complex thing at the time...
    basically : Peanut butter && chocolate chips melted in the microwave
    stirred up...with a huge scoop (or 5) of any kind
    of ice cream on top...the pb/chocolate mix
    hardens up around it && it's fucking ORGASMIC.
    • i'm completely for the fresh fruit thing
    • little debbie brownies
    • Funyans
    • Toast
    • Cereal (especially mixing it, like Lucky Charms and Trix)
    • Ravioli
    • Them Fruitista things from Taco Bell
  9. Man, i need to stop eating these chocolate covered almonds ahaha so gooooood

    Other good choices could be halibut sandwich
    spicy cheetos
    Chocolate chex mix is the devil. Stay away...Wish it was more evenly mixed though...
  10. For some reason, I love tomatoes when I'm stoned. I find it odd. I hate corn and potato chips, but I like the rest of the stoner list of junk food, but tomatoes really turn me on.
  11. Of course like others have said Pizza but here some of mine(i get stoned before every meal though)
    Anything Chocolate
    Ice Cream
    HOT WINGS!!! with ranch
    Chic Fila nuggets
    Steak with Baked Potatoes
    Crab, Lobster, Shrimp
    Lots and lots of Cherry Pepsi
    Mexican food
    Chips with with cheese and meat

    I could go on but Id name just about every food ever, really depends how stoned and what I am feeling that day.
  12. :wave: The best stoner food is food that gets you stoned !!! People , you may know this or not , but ... I'll list this anyways for those who don't ... Pot is at it's best when eaten , only , it takes 30-45 minutes to take effect . If you toke or drink alcogarbage , you will miss the best buzz . Let it have it's time to take effect . Once it lets you know you've arrived , enjoy it as is , great buzz . Does not redden eyes , stink house , breath , clothes etc etc . But , toke one after it takes effect you will now find an equalized buzz between mind and body . NOW ....

    Stems , most throw away the best part of their stash . 1z STEMS . 1lb. real butter . Melt butter over low heat , add stem , bring to simmer over medium heat , Do Not Boil , approx. 15 minutes . Strain melted butter into bowl , refrigerate . Now , this is good just spread on your toast , but go to the cookbook , find the recipe for Buttercream Frosting and make a batch . This butter can also be used to make brownies , cakes, muffin in which the BCF goes very well with but I have a hard time getting past the frosting :smoke: .and am just so happy by the time I've finished mixing . Try this and let me know how you like , but remember , 30-45 minutes for it to be felt , let it have it's time . You can use bud and/or shake , but don't have to , stem is the lifeline to your bud and even dry holds much THC .
  13. Something I forgot , this butter is also great to have on your HOT POPCORN , but , if it's taste is to strong for your liking , you can always add a little sugar and vanilla extract to it when it is simmering to help calm the flavor , but don't do this if making Buttercream Frosting , this takes care of itself .
  14. Eggo's
    Hungry Man
    Microwavable mexican food
    Marie Calenders
    Carls JR.
    Hungry Howie's pizza (or any pizza place in general)
    Low budget ice cream
    Ever get so lazy that you wont make a sandwich so you eat the sandwich meat out of the package instead?
  15. little Asian kids
    all ways hit the spot
  16. Dorritoes and dip oh and oreos
  17. We are our own Culinary Institution, it seems. I'm surprised Wikipedia doesn't have an article on 'Stoner Cuisine' yet.

    That's the end of it, I'm opening up the Cannabis Culinary School of Colorado. It will be mandatory to come in for a morning smoke before class every day. I'll call some of the Caregivers we know, they'll be on this idea in half a fucking minute. Anybody want to enroll?

  18. Where the fuck are frosted mini wheats, man??

  19. You forgot to put wendys.

  20. I'll be your first student. Do you accept payments in sour diesel?

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