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Stoner food/food while high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tokersunited, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. So I'm looking for more of an answer like food around the house. Not a meal or fast food... Either way. I'm wanting to know yalls favorite foods to eat when high so anything is acceptable?

    I love salty stuff but when high I'm a sweets person so my favorite things are:

    Brownies, kit Kat, reeces, skittles, or starburst
  2. see i go with something sweet and salty, and healthier, try apple slices with peanut putter spread on them.
  3. no its all about the stuff with chocolate in it. if you have a free birds near you get a pot brownie... those things are fantastic. or like chocolate chip cookies at your house are always good! lol
  4. I made a kick ass grilled cheese today. I stumbled on this video, and their method works perfectly. I also added some black pepper and thyme. :smoke:
  5. Ice cream for sure. Or if I dont want sweet then a bag of hot fries and some chocolate milk to wash them down.
  6. Yeah defiantly ice cream. And something bland like pretzels
  7. Hot pockets. Haha. And Ice cream.

    Side note: Does anybody else hate it when you eating chips high and you can't hear the TV because the munching is to loud?
  8. toasted cheese and ham sandwiches with a little bbq sauce, or pulled pork sandwich if I am lucky enough to have some.
  9. ^pulled pork sounds like heaven. I personally enjoy a very large bag of sour patch kids, and a double bacon cheeseburger with a coke or pepsi and fries
  10. Lol nothing i like to torture myself when i have munchies almost like training my willpower horrible when buddies get mcshitters. If i do munch its either fruits,meat, or a salad.
  11. Literally anything. I can't even count how many times I watched my willpower melt before me as I went straight to the shittiest dining hall/fast food I could find lol. Something I noticed though is if you're trying to handle your munchies first don't go anywhere that sells god obviously, but wherever you are prepare one bag of chips/candy just anything in small pieces in a bag and it'll keep you occupied for a while. Obviously not the healthiest choice, more a means of keeping moderation in check.

    To me there's nothing like peanut butter m&m's and an Arnold Palmer while watching whatever's on tv.
  12. Everything.
  13. Grilled cheese. Bread, butter, 2 slices of American cheese = happy. :D
  14. Fast food while high i'd have to say a double whooper extreme at B King.
  15. Lol all ur daily calories in 1 meal
  16. This:smoking:
  17. Dry asss Sugar Puffs (no milk) Cheese spread sandwich with Worcester sauce damnnnn!
  18. french fries dipped in a mixture of blue cheese dressing and sriracha.

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