Stoner Food Café

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Greenxtc, Jul 21, 2018.


Would you eat at a Stoner Food Café?

  1. Hell yeah!

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  2. Heck no...

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  1. I've always wanted to start my own restaurant which would serve food you eat while you're stoned. And I mean like custom food ideas, like one of my favorites: Bacon bits & crackers, stirred up. Or walnut cheeseburgers(cheeseburger with walnuts on top).

    If you have the means to create such a restaurant, then by all means go ahead! My idea is No Rights Reserved.

    What would you serve if you opened a Stoner Food Café?

    (I know I was stupid any other time I posted here and inexperienced with psychopharmacology. But I've been doing my homework and research. I'm sorry for my past stupidity and inexperience. But anyway, that's for another thread. Let's talk about a restaurant that would have only stoner food on the menu.)
  2. You might want to consider writing a cookbook and selling it on Amazon.
  3. Now that weed is advancing to legalization quite quickly I'll bet there's a lot of people thinking about this very idea. I personally would want to create a dave & busters type restaurant but you can smoke weed, play rare arcade/shooter games, and eat good food. I'm not the best at coming up with menu items though haha I'm not sure what I would serve. There would be potent medical grade weed and a variety of strains though.

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