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Stoner Fish and Chip Shop Workers Microwave weed????

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by p3/-/n, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. #1 p3/-/n, Aug 14, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 14, 2008
    The other day i went to pick up with my mate from his work place ( a fish and chip shop) and we went upstairs and inside a room was all the other people who work at the fish and chip shop which happened all to be Cyprian's Cyprus people anyways we went sat down and get our deal sorted then my mates boss comes in and sits down then we got him to roll us a spliff the biggest me and my mate have ever seen in our lives with rizlas we got for him jamaican rum,blueberry and strawberry was the best tasting spliff i've ever had anyways after another couple of spliffs a guy came in the room sat down and my mate explained this was the bosses brother he had a box full of paraphernalia and stuff and a bag which he emptied onto the table about a ounce of good bud i was drooling and my mate was like O_O neways he went down stairs microwaved it because he was going on bout making it more dense and we spliffed and spliffed got so high then i went to my mates house and slept and waked and baked...

    Amazing day am high right now so my spelling and grammar and shit mite be fucked... Does anyone know about the microwaving weed does it make the spliff better???

    Happy Spliffing :smoke:
  2. I don't think it does jack shit. It might burn a little faster because if you microwave it enough, you will dry it out as the little moisture left in the bud evaporates, but it won't do anything to increase it's potency. You still have the same amount of THC and cannabinoids that you started with.

  3. If not less due to vaporization...
  4. I'd think it help...

    Less water in a square inch,
    You can put more actual THC or Plant in that square inch,
    More weed in the joint...

    Makes sense imo
  5. Hmmm that is very logical...

  6. And more damage to heat sensitive THC and other cannabinoids, = LESS high per CUBIC inch... You can't measure objects in squarer inches, only surfaces.
  7. Rofl and you can't measure objects in "LESS high per CUBIC inch..." rofl...
  8. if you're not as high, then you're "less" high...

    you can get a certain high based on a certain amount, i.e. cubic inch of mj.

    sounds ok to me...
  9. No but theres different amounts of THC in different cubic inches of weed... You know the crystals on the bud isn't evenly perfectly spread exactly the same all over the weed
  10. i thought this was about how moist/fluffy the bud was, not about the crystals.

    if it's fluffier then there's probably more surface area. meaning more to light and smoke.

    obviously it's not going to be perfectly distributed, but drying it out in the microwave doesnt appear to change that...

    i prefer my shit fluffy... might just be me tho

  11. No my point was that high can't be measure in "Less high per Cubic inch" because of the variation of thc per cubic inch... Fluffier means that the weed you get burns faster if its more hard textured or resiny then you get more smoke because it takes longer the burn the weed and it is more compact or compressed...
  12. what I was showed once and have always done is microwave blunts and joints for 8-10 seconds then throw them in the freezer for a few minutes.

    it heats up and expands while in the microwave and then condenses while in the freezer. always makes everything have a better burn.
  13. Are you being serriose sounds like something awesome to try if ur not taking the piss...
  14. completly serious. i do it with ever blunt/joint i roll and always seems to come out like it was rolled in a factory and burns slow and hits awesome.
  15. ya ive heard about this b4 too. It tightens the splif and makes it burn nicer
  16. i wouldent fuck around with it but ya might help i gess
  17. More surface area =/= more mass or more volume, so it doesn't mean that there is more to smoke. Fluffy weed will burn faster if it isn't compressed, so it will appear hit harder, but you'll get fewer hits out of it. Uou won't get higher with the same amount of weed unless it has a higher THC concentration than other strains.
  18. Sweet man well my mates picking up 1/4 of a ounce tonite so will try... Cheers for the info
  19. sure thing man, have fun.
  20. Prolonged exposure to microwaves destroys THC.
    However, microwaving will make the glue on the rolling papers stick better

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