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Stoner Eyes

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zion Train, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Sup guys, was just wondering what affect marijuana has on your eyes? apart from the redness.
  2. When high I can see thru walls.:cool:
  3. Lmao i mean appearance, do they look any different?

  4. lol this

    to me it makes my eyes heavy when i'm coming down off the high. apart from the redness thats all that i can recall
  5. very squinted and glazed as if i was just crying for an hour.
  6. Hmm fair enough, reckon eye drops will fix this up? people can always tell when i'm stoned and they just wreck my high :(
  7. yea just put in 1 drop of any type of eyedrops u can find. i buy the cheap brands cuz im cheap. they always work
  8. My eyes don't usually get red. But they get all glossy. No one knows. Lol.
  9. Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eye Relief is what I use. A little pricey, but it tends to sooth my eyes when there is too much smoke going around also. Plus it doesn't have any sting like some of the major brands do.
  10. k cheers guys, i didn't think they were helping but ill try another brand
  11. My eyes just look high, They look slanted and *****ed out. and red as fuck, also mad glassy depending on how red they are. I smoke too much weed.
  12. My eyes get really droopy and it's really difficult to open them wide. I have eye issues to begin with though so when i smoke weed it fucks them right up.
  13. My eyes get superrrrrrr low, and red. dead give away if i blaze.
  14. How do you mean?
  15. MaN oN ThE mOoN This message has been deleted Reason: hAD NOTHING 2 DO WITH THREAD :p

    Zion TrainThis message has been deleted by Zion Train. Reason: Same as above, sorry im high right now x)

    :hello: hahaha ^ you two cracked me up

    op try using this it works like fucking crazy for me

  16. My eyes just feel really heavy and I'll end up squinting, it's pretty common. I get dry/red eyes without smoking anyways, so when I smoke, my eyes can get pretty uncomfortable and they usually turn tomato red :p
  17. Whats OP mean? I'm new to forums and clear eyes are you from Australia?
  18. Yeah i get red eyes sometimes without smoking weed too, then when i do yeah i get pretty fucked up hah

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