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Stoner Experience: High at a WaterPark.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BloodLust, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Today me and a friend were in the parking lot of a water park, we lit up, not a huge amount of weed but also not a super small.

    We then went inside and rode a wave pool/river. It was like being time warped through different planets. At one point this crazy ass dude was screaming and saying weird shit, while I laugh uncontrollably at him.

    I felt like I was living in Avatar/Bugs Life.

    Another mother asked what time it was, to be honest it sounded like blerbing. It sounded like she was saying "Blerb, blurb blurb blurb, blurble?

    I just sat there with a stupid smile on my face and shoved my watch face in her face.

    Excellent time. You definitely notice some characters while in public and high.

    Slightly too many people though.

    I would recommend it to anyone!
  2. This. sounds. epic. There's a huge water park right by my house. Used to be a small local deal, but it's gone commercial over the years. Gonna try this out next summer when I can actually do shit.
  3. Been to Thorpe Park stoned, was pretty AWESOME. :)
  4. #4 BloodLust, Aug 10, 2011
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    It was so crazy epic especially The wave generator because theres people screaming people getting kneed and shit while this other guy is like sprinting away from the wave like a robot with huge eyes until he gets wiped out by the wave. Lmao.

    Every person felt like a fairytale creature.
  5. Man I havn't been to a water park in over 20 years went to Raging Waters in San Jose CA.

    Oregon dont have nothing like that here not even a damn amusment park like Six Flags.

    See now u got me missing Cali thx :(
  6. I would've pissed myself laughing
  7. #7 BloodLust, Aug 10, 2011
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    I laughed at that robot guy so hard. I closed my eyes when I laughed and entered another universe. Lmao it was crazy!
  8. I've been to them a lot stoned. But the first time I ever got high at a water park was the best of the times for sure. It was insane :D All the fun is amplified of course and the water slides were amazing! I have to say the best part of going in the wave pool blitzed as fuck. Careful you could drown if your not careful lolz. But now I'm so use to being blazed it is all normal to me.
  9. God damn you sound like you were flyin high, haha.

    But I don't like mundane thrills anymore...and waiting in line...fuck that man. The lift lines are never as long as some of those lines at amusement parks...
  10. I did this probably like 3 weeks ago and it was definitely a fun experience. The food there was also delicious.
  11. Sounds like so much fun lmao
  12. Good Ass Idea

    Totally need to try this now hahaha
  13. it would be fun to go down one of those big water slides high... You know, one of those enclosed completely dark ones that twists everywhere and takes a long time to go down
  14. Dude did it suck to wait in line for every ride? That'd kinda kill my high a bit.
  15. I know what im doing next time i go to great wolf lodge. thanks!
  16. I did this before, It was fun but the sun kills me when I'm high. Plus florida's heat isnt friendly.
  17. I have a feeling that my high would last 20 minutes tops after my first slide... Sounds like a buzzkill.

  18. Nah I rode all of them before I got High, I just chilled in the wave pool. Tbh, it was like watching the most epic intense movie of your life. Like a 3D Avatar Vs Star Wars VS titanic movie.


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