Stoner dudes <3

Discussion in 'General' started by domeigotaids, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Stoner guys are always the best :)
    What's better than being able to help each other grind some ganja and rip bowls until the other one passes out?
    I shall marry a stoner.

    Dude, Seth Rogen was at his peak when he was a little chubby but now he has lost too much weight. sigh.


    much love goes out to all the dudes who toke.
    i heart you all.
    time to suck today's dick.
  2. Well Thanks :wave:
  3. <3 thank you kindly
  4. Suck not once, not twice! But Thrice!
  5. that's neat,,,,....
  6. totes jelly.
  7. I was expecting some hot dude on dude action. Oh well. =/

  8. That's just nifty.
  9. get to sucking girl.
  10. Well isn't this just dandy :smoke:
  11. If only I could find a nice stoner girl to share a cloud of smoke with *sigh*:(
  12. Ok I'll 68 you but you owe me 1 ;)
  13. So you got aids, huh?
  14. I smoke good, I stay high.
  15. sounds good to me bby :cool:
  16. Nah its a joke haha. It's my ps3 screen name ^_^
  17. I smoke bud, and I'm a I fall into this catagory?

    If so then thankyou :smoke:

  18. Of course ^_^

  19. ;)

    I love your jimi pics :)
  20. thanks :D:D but honestly who doesn't love jimi ?

    idk why my sig has 2 of some of the albums though it's suppose to show my top albums of the week.. hopefully next week will be better lol

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