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Stoner dimensions

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Mr Skinner, Jan 25, 2005.


Could this be possible?

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  3. C'mon, you're just takin' a piss here

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  1. When I left for work, I had a bad feeling I had left the stove on...but since I didn't have time to check it, I was just hoping I had turned it off...

    Now that I got home and smoked a joint, I came to think of it again and I was glad I didn't leave it on. But Now I'm thinking...what about different dimensions? Could there be a dimension where I left the stove on? But since I'm a stoner, I just wandered into the dimension where everything is good and the stove is off????

    Could this be possible??? There are different dimensions and you jump around between them and if you're lucky, you get to the right one every time?
  2. haha, i wish this could happen... u never know though... no facts against it.
  3. kinda, i believe the "for every possibiliy in existence there is a universe where it occurs" and maybe these dimensions can overlap at times where things should happen but dont
  4. i was trying to think of an example in my life but failed :( i KNOW there are a few good ones...
  5. i dunno man.. my bike got stolen when i was high and when i was sober it was still gone.. when i was high it was.... still gone :(

    then i got a new bike i see it high and sober!
  6. so are you saying that our 'visions' our an alternate universe/dimension? heh that would be cool! so if we make the right decisions i could end up having a bunch of weed and somehow retire at the age 20? heheh
  7. there is a multiverse theory in which every decision splits into a seperate univers for every outcome possible. So, in another universe you may have left the stove on. One theory could be that the universes were still close enough together to influence one another. Another is that you were stoned and forget whether you turned it off. In either universe you could have forgotten whether you turned it off and would have thought about it at work and only ben able to check when you finally returned home.
  8. sounds mroe like multiple universes not multiple dimensions.... as far as i know noone has proved that multiple overlapping universes (consisting of multiple, identicle dimensions) exist.... but then again that havent proved that they dont... (funny i come across this i was just reading a book at work today on blackholes and multiple dimensions
  9. Time travel and having multiple dimensions are very very possible. It has not been disproven so there is still a chance they exist. But then again, its just plain ole' stoner talk. A minor out of reality expierence. You got paranoid about leaving the stove on, it is just your mind fucking with you. Happens to me all the time when i get stoned, you tend to forgot things and get lazy.
  10. Aight...I was actually taking a pisse here lmao...

    Was a bit stoned and thought about the incredible number of posts on this issue with the thinnest explanations (mine being the stoner thing, haha, you gotta asmit, that was THIN)...

    But somewhere along the line I must say you have a point, lads. Especcially the multiverse theory. I've thought about this many times. You seen the german movie "Lola Rennt"? It deals with exactly that issue. Go watch it if you can. Best german movie I've seen...

    And thanks for the laughs and support ;)
  11. I really just see two alternatives...

    1: You did not forget to turn the stove off, having one of your frequent memory lapses (hehe).

    2: You did forget to turn off the stove, but one of your flatmates turned it off, and thus saved Bergen from a catastrophic wildfire in it's old irreplacable treehouse area.

    But we've all been there. If it's not the stove, it's "did i lock the door?" or "leave the tap running?" or "did I pack everything?" :smoke:
  12. There was a really good show on Horizon (The British version of Nova) that
    dealt with the latest scientific thinking about parallel universes and basically
    what they said was that our universe is actually a bubble like membrane
    floating around in the eleventh dimension with an infinite amount of other
    universes like a bathtub full of bubbles. And furthermore that new universes
    are constantly being created by collisions of existing universes. Essentially,
    when two universes collide you get a big bang. They said that every
    possible outcome occurs in these universes. So basically there's one
    universe where Al Gore was president, one universe where Germany won
    WWII, and there's even one universe where you don't exist.

    Really fascinating show.
  13. It's totally a posibility. I swear sometimes i have spidy sense when I'm really high, and can hear everything. I'm way better at CS to. :D
  14. Hey skinner, you should check out the movie 'The Butterfly Effect', if you haven't already seen it, the plot is very similar to what you're describing.

  15. i sure as hell just packed my bowl :cool:

    time to toke :smoke:

  16. i've gotta find a copy of this show. :)

    sounds awesome.

    Would you happen to know the title of the show?
  17. are you stephen hawking in your professional life?
  18. dude its called string theory, it basically says, there are enough dimensions to play out every possibility in any given situation, so in another universe your left your stove on and burnt your house down, you just happened to be in the one where you didnt

    string theory also says aloota of other shit but that is the only relevant part


  19. i just overlapped so many people sorry but at least i added the name of this idea :D :p


  20. that made me think, for every split decision, that's how our we can collide with another's split decision 'fate'....hope i made sense but it was a weird thought

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