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  1. Well, i figured i would make a thread for noobs so they know the lingo. Because i know that when i was a noob....i didnt know shit and it was rill embarressing to be at a smoke out and not knowing wut an O an eith a dime .....a firecracker a spliff a sploof a nug a G a burner ....headie dank fire midds shwagg (eww) KB yah know the list is on and on...SO if you have definitions..then PLease post them so people can know the lingo..Aight? Also if you think this thread is dumb and a waste of time. DO NOT comment because all im tryin to do is help my fellow burners out. Peace out.
  2. You need some comas. But

    spliff: joint with some tobbaco in it.
    sploof: toilet paper roll with laundry sheets in it. You blow you smoke through it and it smells good and not like weed.
    dime: a little less than a gram i'de say .7of a gram.
    dub: your local 20 bag.
    slice: 1/8 of an ounce
    onion: ounce
    cornering bowls: light one side of the bowl so that another person can have greens too.
  3. Sweet, i knew all those i was just usin them for examples...(just 4 the record). Yeah, sorry bout sitty punctuation heehe i was talking to like 6 ppl on msn at the same time. It was a pain in the ass. Yahh KEEP EM COMING
  4. Dime-can also be $10 worth of weed
    Nick bag- $5 worth
    Dirt- Brown shitty weed...
    Swish- "Swisher" cigars used to roll blunts
  5. qp = quarter pound of weed
    a quarter = 1/4 of an ounce of weed
    a half = a half ounce (obviously)
    a gerb = a nug of weed
    a nug = a small bud of weed
  6. quaple= quarter pound of pot
    in the path= quickly stuff your bag of weed into the little pocket in the tounge of ipath shoes in case of the police:D
  7. whats a firecracker a G and a burner
  8. Fire Cracker : Weed baked in PB in between to crackers to absorb the THC. Eat , and get high.

    G : Gram of marijuana

    Burner : Lighter?
  9. a firecracker is a cigarette and weed rolled together(correct me if im wrong) a g is a gram of weed but dont know what a burner is
  10. For any n00bs who may be readin this - slang terms vary on area...

    For example: someone above mentioned a spliff as a joint with weed & tobacco mixed... Around my parts, a spliff is just a joint/blunt rolled in a cone shape. So some of these terms may vary depending on where you live...

    But here's a couple for the list...

    "L" = Blunt. As in: 'Hey guys, wanna twist up a L?'

    "Blow"= Smoke. As in: 'Wanna blow some trees?' (Blow in noun form is coke, in verb form it means smoke"

    "Poop" = Schwag (or poopy weed). As in: This weed is some poop.

    "Vega" = The best cigars to roll blunts in. They come out so perfect :D

    "Goddie, Stuffie" = A cigar that's emptied of tobacco (without cracking the cigar) by rolling it between the palms of your hands. Use something long and thin to get the last bits out of the butt, then procede to stuff the cigar with buds. This works excellent with black-n-milds, Phillies Blunts, and White Owls. It can be done with Dutch Masters, but it's more difficult because the leaf likes to come undone while you're emptying the baccy.

    EDIT: I think Indy has a monster list somewhere around here...
  11. Bogart- After 'Humphrey Bogart', and used when somone holds onto a spliff for longer than they really ought to.
    Hot Rocks- Red-hot hash embers that drop from the end of a joint
    Pollen/kif/keef/kief- Resin glands obtained by threshing dried flowers. Often the name is incorrectly used to refer to hash.
    Shotgun- aka. blowback/gun/shotty. Way of smoking a joint whereby a toker takes the burning end of a joint into their mouth and blow a jet of smoke through the roach into a companion's mouth.
    Skin- Rolling paper. aka papes, papers, etc.
    Smoke-in- Gathering of potheads
    Space cake- Cup cakes that have trees in em'
    Tincture- A popular 19th century way of preparing cannabis by dissolving its THC content in alcohol
    Zonked- State of inebriation following excessive cannabis consumption

  12. yea i saw that thread someone brought up the other day.. OP do a search
  13. Would be nice to have a glossary on here as i have been struggling somewhat with what seems mostly US terms.

    In The part of the UK i come from we have

    Resin = Either a soft (Gold Seal) or hard (Soap Bar) resin made from weed not the resin which builds up on pipes.
  14. OH COOL LETS MAKE A FORUM SO THE POLICE CAN LEARN ALL THE CODES HAHAHHA come on guys use your head...why dont you put your address on here as well lol dummys
  15. u dont think they can find that out already?

  16. ^Worrrrd, my man knows what's popping....Good ol' Garcia Vega, the green paper that burns ohhhh so slow and smooth!!
  17. zip-is an ounce of weed
    cheif- to cheif the joint or blunt is to boggart it or keep it to your self

    the only ones i can think of right now:smoke: that were not on here yet
  18. 10 bag - a little less then a gram..
    5 bag- .5 grams or less
    20 bag- 2.0 grams to 1.7 grams
    8th - 3.7 grams- 4.0
    Ounce - Ounce
    Qp- qaurterpound
    marathon- everyone in the session takes small hits and hold them in, everytime you take another rip you build up on top of the hit before..basically you hold everything in untll the bowl is beat...if you can last that long..
  19. .....uhhh ok...u dont think they know the slang already...cmon man get it togethher
  20. :smoke:

    I'm thinking that a slight onset of paranoia has occured........

    They already know code names. For the ones they don't know and we are giving them, I don't care because I am not going to sway my ways in order to obey laws set upon this herb.

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