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stoner dads rock

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kashii, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. so i was chillen at my place and my dad came over while i was looking at the gc store (he knows i smoke and we smoke together alot) so we were tokin and lookin at stuff and he was like well this stuff is pretty cool and im gettn paid good so this is gonna be a good christmas. he then went on to imply that he is gonna get me an ultimate stoners kit lol.
  2. I wish my dad would buy me pipes and other marijuana related things.
    But he'll smoke with me everyonce and while, I guess I can't complain about that!

    He wasn't to thrilled on my new bong though
  3. I've smoked with my dad dozens of times, and I have to say that, in retrospect, it's one of the most irresponsible things you can do as a parent.
  4. why? i live on my own i support myself for the most part though he does help me out some. im 18 years whats irresponsible about it?
  5. Well, because parents who smoke with their kids (regardless of age) are being more of a buddy and less of a parent.

    I don't know, there are just certain things that are more appropriate for the father-son relationship than smoking pot, like playing catch, fishing, etc.
  6. we do fish and go mushroom huting (not magic shrooms, the ind that you eat simply to eat), we play pool, and we go out to diner sometimes, but we also smoke pot. if your relationship with your parent turning into to your friend after thier job is done so to speak is wrong, well sir i dont want to be right.........btw arent sunchips like so fucking amazing
    when your high or is that just me?

  7. I started smoking with my daughter when she was 20 or 21. Her husband suspected I smoked, she had no clue until she asked. I knew she smoked for years. ;)
    While we may be friendly and open, she knows I am her Dad. I am not in a parent - child relationship with her because she is an adult living on her own. How is that being inappropriate? :confused::rolleyes::smoke:
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    Parents who try to be friends with their kids are like my mom. she used to take me to the mall when I cut school. But stoner parents is more of an honor and a privilege. It is a hobby shared by 2 generations, just like your suggestion of fishing.

    It is like taking your son for his first drink when he is 21. Maybe he has drank alcohol many times before, but there is a time for that rite of passage. I hear all the time on here that people's familiy members get better bonds with those they smoke with.

    I wish it was so in my family. I will be getting my med card and I was hoping to be able to smoke with my daughter who is 27, smoked since she was 15, 12 years), but she up and quit. So now I wait for her to start up again or for my grandchildren to start smoking! It won't be too long...

    I think you are looking at things all the wrong way. Think of the passage of time and all we know about weed. That has come from many generations of people all passing that along to each other as a labor of love. What better way to share weed than with family and others you want to get closer to passing that jay along.
  9. That was great, thanks for that.
  10. Hater's gonna hate.

    My dad is 52 now, has worked shift work for GE for 30 years, and happens to think a lot like myself. Which is pretty cool considering he made me. I didn't know this until a couple years ago, but he actually got popped in '96 for thc. So the only time I get to is when he goes on long break. It's still fun.. he'll only take a few hits and what not. I've smoked with my bestfriends dad as well who is also old school and rolls good j's of dank homegrown. It's nice to bond with the elder generations, as well as outsmoke them since the youthful user's such as myself just smoke silly.

    If a father/son/daughter have a common habit in smoking, I don't see a problem if as adults they enjoyed it together. As long as they're looking out for one another and know for a fact the other knows what they're doing.
  11. my dad is the same man i smoke with him every time is see him :smoke:
  12. stoner parents rock for the most part. The only time i can see it being a problem is sometimes parents who blaze with their kid are more of a "friend" then a parent which can cause alot of emotional problems for the kid. My old girlfriends dad was the chillest parent i've ever met. Everytime i'd go over to her house he'd have a joint ready to smoke with me and a bag of various funguses for me to sample XD the guy was so chill.
  13. I love stoner parents :) I smoke with my stepdad all the time and it's an amazing bond. My other friend also smokes with his dad. I just wish everyone could have a parent to smoke with as it really is such a great bond.
  14. My dad just started smoking a bunch its so funny hes like man this a.d.d meds is awsome it helps you focus so much. I was like nah dad keep it herbal hes like shit ive been trying that a lot and all ive been doing is eating a lot and sleeping lol stoner parents rock!:smoke:
  15. It is fine for parents to smoke with their kids as long as the kids all ready smoked, if the parents introduced them to marijuana that may be a little bad, and if their kids are over 18 and living on their own. Then Smoking with your parent can be a great way to bond and strengthen your relationship.:smoke:
  16. see that's where your so far gone that it's funny. if my parents smoked with me or even just accepted the fact i smoked and left it with that two big things would be different in my life. 1) i'd probly be in college 2) i would live in my house! i was kicked out for about 5 or 6 months now (no real hope of going back). i'm 18 not in college (tryna to but i can't afford it!!) and no job (end of the week i'll have one though i ain't n bum guys economy just SUCKS!!). and you're telling me my parents kicking me out for smoking pot is a good thing cause there not tryna be m buddy? i'm not looking for a parent at the age of 18 who will tell me what to do all the time i want a buddy who will accept my dreams and help me get there.

    if only me and my rents could just :smoke:
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    Lol if its going to be a good Christmas then next time instead of looking at the GC shop make sure your on AquaLab. I would way rather get an "ultimate stoner kit" from ALT then GC anyday haha. Tell your dad to hook it up!:hello:

    I wish my dad smoked with me, its not like he has a huge problem with it he just doesnt like to see it. My mom on the other hand could care less. But they would never consider surfing a online headshop for pipes.

  18. Im in my mid 20's, I don't play catch with my dad anymore. Shit changes when you get older my man.
  19. well my dad knows my mom i will never tell she is wat i like to call a foxrent (parent who listens to everything fox news tells them) so if she knew she'd probably flip and i just dont feel like fucking with it. maybe one day but certainly not soon lol.

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