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Stoner Couple Questions?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Canada Smokes, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. What are some activities you do with your significant other while smoking up, we are both 20. And yes before anyone comments it, we have had sex while high and it is indeed amazing.

    Best buds for life.
  2. cuddling with netflix or hanging out at the beach or up river depending on location!
  3. Well ya can't go wrong with more sex.

    Only 131 days left of probation 😊
  4. If you're somewhere that's a short cab ride or walk away smoking up before date night is a must and if there are activities after that a well timed edible will take date night to the next level..  Dinner and a movie is so much more fun while baked.  The plan I used to roll with on date night while dating a blade in the past (current g/f has never smoked but I'm close to changing that) is to smoke before you cab gets there then eat an edible on the way out of the door.  This combination will usually last you through your night with the smoke getting you through the transit and the early part of the dinner and the edible getting you through the movie, post dinner drinks, concert, etc.  Then come home and have a night cap smoke and get that good high sex. 
  5. Playing musical instruments together
  6. At the house? Probably either cuddle or have sex. Then I'd usually cook for us

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  7. Thanks for the suggestions dudes!

    Best buds for life.
    get high, netflix, youtube, chill, eat, cook, swim, troll her, troll people, world of warcraft sometimes, havent played that in a couple mo. tho... chill with ur animals, umm do whatever you normally do lol if u got money go to a movie, drive in, try out snowboarding or somethin idk??? go skating, or partyin or get wasted at the bar and smoke in ur car idk manee
  9. Yes sex is amazing while high but do everything you would normally do just stoned. It's a much more enjoyable time. Date nights are full of laughs and were always having a good time. Netflix and cuddling too, it all feels good lol

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