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Discussion in 'Clubs, DJ’s and Festivals' started by smokeyday, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Im going to see the mars volta tommarow and in my opinyon there one of the best bands out there that smoke herb and will talk about it openly, just wanted to know what shows have u guys been to that was just the most memerable that u went stoned to or got stoned at.
  2. I'm seeing Slightly Stoopid on saturday, and lots of their songs are about smoking. I saw them at the Roots, Rock, Reggae festival earlier this year. In between songs they say "everyone smoke that ganja for this next one" or something like that. heheh
  3. built to spill, amazing show (pluand the singer told off this douchebag in the front row who was bitching)and we were stoned as shit
  4. well i just saw J5 the other day and eventhough this isnt a stoner concert im going to see the killers tomorrow then chill with them afterwards beacause my bestfriend knows the lead singer.
  5. I WANTED TO GO TO MARS VOLTA SO BAD!!! Oh my god! They're music is so trippy high, and sounds awesome sober. I didn't get to go when they came to my city, but i heard they're going on tour again with System Of A Down (says the system of a down website) So I'm going for sure! Hopefully i can blaze before, but it sucks they're going with SOAD. but oh well, it'll be so tight!
  6. me and buddies ripped it up at teh metallica concert last year, and recently in april the queens of the stone age concert, stupid bouncers took away a huge blunt we had 2
    anyways good time and in september me a nd group of friends goin to the pearl jam concert so we should rippp it up there 2
  7. jazzfest '04. it was the shit man, people had dank all around.
  8. damn there was just a big ass jazzfest n my city i should have went,
  9. Living Legends at the Filmore a month or two ago.... the place was so milky, it seemed like a damn steam room. Awesome show, awesome group.
  10. I've gone to see this really good local metal band, Quo Vadis, twice. I was stoned and drunk both times. I've also seen Alice Cooper, but unfortunately I was sober for it.
  11. any time the kottonmouth kings are around i go see them and theres always plenty of herb and last time i saw twiztid we had like 4 blunts being passed around
  12. i love j5 and wish i could see them live, how was it?
  13. Ive seen cypress Hill and as soon as they come on stage and the lights go out, immediately everyone sprark up and fills the venue with the smell of weed. Usually they have a giant pot leaf on stage as well. People were always smoken up the weed at phish concerts also - I hate f--in security though people are just there to have a good time and they are always such dicks.
  14. just wondering the most security can do is just take it away right? last thing i need is to get into shit with the cops
  15. they can kick you out of the show if they are dicks. they could take you to the cops, but ive never heard of that happening. ive never had any problems with security at any shows. the only time security has ever said something to me is at a moe. show back in 2003. he just told me that i should try to hide it when i see security comin, b/c he said some of the guys workin that night were dicks. i told him ok, and then he said hes straight with it though, and walked off.
  16. Last year at ozzfest '04 here in san antonio, the security was extremely tight. These kids next to me were smokin a j and they all got arrested for "Association" with smoking. Other than that, this dude next to me pulled out a bag of the most cheech and chong j's ive ever seen. He must of had a pound in that ziploc lol.

  17. The Wailers is a total stoner concert, anyone and everyone was smoking a j, old or youg it just didn't matter
  18. Cypress Hill, The greatful dead, the dead, Bob Dylan, Phil Lesh and friends, Willie Nelson lol, umm Ziggy Marley, Tom Petty, Neil Young alot of stoners at that shows
  19. Oh yeah and Reggae on the river and Bonaroo
  20. a kid im friends with through my sister offered to take me to the big summer classic in mansfield, ma. Its not definate yet, but it would be so sick cause its the first time iver seen any of those bands live, and lately ive been listening to a ton of string cheese

    me and some friends went to a greenday/my chemical romance concert and we smoked there in the middle of a bunch of little girls and parents. Although it wouldve been better if we actually got fucked up. Just while bringing the j's in they got a little crushed and wouldnt light well
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