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Stoner Code

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Demonweed23, May 30, 2009.

  1. Ive smoked with alot of people and I realized every group of friends have a stoner code. These are the things you do when you smoke with people or alone. like some people save their roaches and use the weed later. others "eat the peanut" which is eating the roach when its out. so i thought it would be cool for people to post their stoner codes. it would be a cool way for people to find out cool things to do to get higher or just to try something diffrent when smokeing.
  2. 1. pass to da left (of course)
    2. if you break someones piece re-pay them for it
    3. share your weed
    4. don't double hit unless everyone is
    5. don't rat anyone out
    6. avoid harder drugs
  3. Only teens and noobs have codes and rules about weed, not trying to dis just something that I noticed. Me being 32 and smoking with other 30+ and my little bro being 20 and chilling with teens (I smoke with both groups). With my group if I throw down and my boy throws down it gets passed to him next no matter which side he is on! With the other group it's all pass it this way hit it this much blah blah blah. With my group you hit that shit till you are high then pass it!
  4. just dont be a dick about anything.
  5. stoner code with my best friend who was really my only true stoner friend...

    i would always pack the bowl...hes way to careless and just throws in a big chunk so i always did it...

    never sit on the couch..always do soething fun
  6. dont sit around and do nothing while stoned, go and do somthing
    thats the main 'rule'.
    and no phone calls during the session.
  7. We call it the "bro code", and it basically means just dont be a dick. Like if somebody is pulling a dick move like ditching for a girl or saying mean shit, you just say "stick to the bro code!" instead of knock it off or whatever. Its probably stupid... but its what we do lol
  8. OK well i just turned 20 so i still have a stoner code.
  9. I disagree... I think overly specific rules are excessive and unnecessary, but its good to have some standards as far as toking. Like, dont camp, fuck up the rotation, etc. Of course there are exceptions... usually if one person in our group (usually my friend Mindy, who gets it free) has a ton of weed they will let other ppl pack once in awhile or hit greens. Pretty much tho, stoner anarchy does not work well... its good to have at least some type of basic pattern so when u get super stoned u still got the rhythm going, and know whos packing, who to pass to, etc. :smoke:
  10. We kind of just try to even things out. I live in a house with 5 very close friends, so we pretty much take turns throwing down for bowls. If someone doesn't have bud because they're broke, we cover them. It's just not cool if they never have bud, and the usual stuff (corner your bowl, don't be rude to anyone else, etc.) The only thing that's really kind of taboo or just taken as rude is smoking by yourself when there are other people in the house. I had a roommate that would smoke his bong in his room all by himself while we were in the living room passing blunts and cracking up. I do that a little bit if I'm doing homework, but all the time? Not cool :(
  11. dude,, 1.stealin lighters(not cool)
    2.stealin pipes/bongs(even not cooler)
    3.chillin with a babytoker who blows the bowl ouut cuz he coughed while hittin it.
    4.knockin over a bong(PARTY FOUL)
  12. corner bowls, pass to the left, don't drop the fucker, bowl loader gets greens.
  13. My friends and I pretty much just use common sense when high. There are like the obvious things like the main contributor gets first hit, and don't go raiding your friend's fridge if he isn't joining you because it is a dick move to eat all of someone else's food if they aren't joining your or didn't give you permission.

    Other than that I haven't really thought of any "rules" I follow. Just use common sense and try to stay under control so you arent annoying and everything will be good =]
  14. Even when I load the bowl, I tend to offer to someone else first. Even if its my own green. Don't know why, I just do.
  15. 1. always pass to the left, never skip anyone

    2. you should always keep smoking until everyone else is done. (don't pussy out and
    quit halfway)

    3. the person to the left of the popper (guy who gets last hit) should pack the next bowl and take the first hit, unless they got it last time.

    4. the supplier should tell you when he/she wants to stop with the weed flow.

    5. don't be an annoying mother fucker when it comes to chillin, if someone gets up, don't steal their seat, that's a dick move.

    6. don't be a lighter snitch, people hate that. it pisses them off.

    7. when someone's zoning out, don't bother them for any reason, it's a complete downer.

    i guess thats about it really, oh and just a dank way to get a major trip...

    1. take short, quick breaths for about 30 secs. or so.

    2. let out ALL your breath, and take the biggest hit you can get (works best if you use a bong)

    3. go at least a good 40 sec. if you can, then right before you let it all out, extend your arms out diagonally up very slowly like your yawning. then slowly start to lay back while letting out your breath with arms still extended.

    4. then just close your eyes, relax, and let it all flow away.
  16. one thing i dont like is when im the only one with weed and smoking a bowl with like 4 other people, and they keep telling me to pack it, fucking pisses me off, everyone will take a fiend rip and the bowl will only go around once.

    so i guess the rule would be

    Dont ask people to pack bowls if no one else is throwing down, let the person with the weed decide when they wanna smoke
  17. Wow, so many people have so many rules - seems like it kind of takes the joy out of it trying to remember everything.

    Here are the rules my friends and I abide by:

    - If you want to smoke, you must throw down. Amount isn't important, neither is quality. Unless you have an understanding beforehand about being smoked out. The people I smoke with are all respectful and know their herb, so no one is going to be matching my bowl of dank with a bowl of schwag.

    - Rotation goes in terms of who calls it (Backdoor, Wednesdays, Thursdays..), with whoever packed the bowl getting greens or designating who gets greens.

    - You break the piece, you're buying a new one.

    We don't bitch about cornering, because when we get together everyone has their own bud, so everyone has equal opportunity to get ripped. Lighter stealing happens, no one does it intentionally, and every effort is made to return said lighter.

    Yeah, that's pretty much it.
  18. well for me and my peeps, standard unversal rules are as follows:

    (bear in mind i live in britain, where joints contain tobacco as well as green)

    when it comes to joints

    1. whoever rolls the joint gets first tokes
    2. next in the hierarchy is whoever chipped in for the weed
    3. then its whoever chipped in tobacco
    4. then it's passed on to anyone else who contributed, (papers, grinders, hosts, etc) and finally to anyone else, usually to the left

    when it comes to pieces

    1, whoever supplies green
    2. whoever supplied the piece
    3. anyone else, usually on the left

    when it comes to people:

    if anyone ends up feeling ill, we try not to tease them
    if anyones having a harder than average day, we try to be generous with our weed with them
    if anyone tries to take advantage of our generosity, they find themselves excluded until they learn their manners

    when it comes to parties:

    what you leave there and don't claim soon afterwards is automatically the hosts property. better hope you didn't piss them off.

    But most importantly

    nothing is written in stone when getting stoned. as long as there is fairness and generosity on everyones part, everyones happy.

  19. If I pack a bowl and pass it to the left when I pack another I pass it to the right...anyone else do this?
  20. 1.If you take more than two hits on one pass you better have something pretty damn philosophical to say.
    2. Don't stare at someone unless your talking to them.
    3. If paranoid alert us to whatever you see but do not act like we are being stupid by not believing you.
    4. Don't yell cop and bolt
    5. Do not speak to cops unless spoken too
    6. Respect the circle by not insulting someone.

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