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  1. I worked at a Mercedes Benz dealer for three years and I have seen my fair share of roaches in ash trays and bags of weed stashed underneath floor mats. As a tech we regularly have to remove the contents of glove compartments and other areas to access components behind the compartments.

    I was working on a CLK 320 and I was working in the trunk. I lifted the trunk mat and there was about 1/8 sitting in a small crevice. In all my years as a tech I never stole anything from a customer's car and that would include weed(it was shit anyways).

    About a week later his roll bar deployed and you have to reset it by accessing a component in the trunk. There were about five of us and the customer looking at the car watching one tech reseting the roll bar(remember you have to remove that trunk panel).

    I immediately saw the sack and started choking on my own laughter. The customer saw the sack and tried a stealthy "hide the stash before anybody sees it" type shit. We were all holding our laughter in and the customer knew it. He just smiled, thanked us for reseting his roll bar and left.

    Moral of the story: don't get too stoned and forget where your stash is, especially before getting your car fixed. I have seen many stashes disappear. What is the customer going to say? I think one of your techs stole my weed?
  2. It just goes to show... Everyone smokes weed!
  3. After that happened, I went to the service writer(who is hella cool) and told him to tell that guy just to hide his stash a little better next time. My service writer then told me about another customer who would give him pot for Christmas. When I asked him what he did with it, he looked at me like I was a dumb ass and said "I smoked it!"
  4. Lol thats some awesome shit i would have said " well theres a slight service charge for my services. ;)"
  5. I was wondering if anyone could giv eme instructions on how to reset the roll bars in my 2006 clk 320.

    Last night, I was driving along and hit a nasty pot hole. The roll bars were activated and now im unable to close the top, due to the fact that the roll bars wont reset.


  6. hahaha it's obvious you did a google search or something and for some reason this thread came up...

    sorry dude, with the exception of the OP, I think we're useless.

    We can tell you how to make a bong out of it though.
  7. lol that made me chuckle
  8. well thats a lot better than the time i had to service a known drug dealers car, and i didnt know he was a drug dealer at the time when he pulled up. when i was in his car resetting his maintenance light, i noticed a 9mm shoved between the seat and the center console... i sort of jumped when i realized what it was. i have too found weed in peoples car. some kids came in one time and it reeked of bud, then i found a film container with a roach in it lol.
  9. HAha " But we can tell you how to make a bong out of it..."

    I love this place. But yeh, smoking THROUGH the bottom of the car, that would make a neat and easily hidden hot boxing tool...

    Whose got a mercedez here?! :devious:
  10. You said you had an '06 CLK, I think it is a 209 chassis, just like the customer's whose weed I found, so you are going to need to take it to a dealership because they are going to have to hook up their computer diagnostic system(called Star Diagnosis) and reset a few codes, that were set when you roll bar deployed. One customer got his hand jammed between the roll bar and roof when trying to reset it once. Hopefully your car is still under warranty so you won't have to pay.
  11. That's funny. I have never found a pistol. The only thing close was this E class that somebody had taken at least five shots at. It came in because there was a slug in the instrument cluster among other places. I have some old pictures of it and trying to find them. I'll post em when I find them.

  12. you near T.O.? Silver Star MBZ?

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