Stoner Classic Rock Bands?

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  1. Recently, ever since I started smoking I've enjoyed music waaayyy more but I've also come across this new love for Classic Rock & Reggae I guess you could say. So, I'm looking for more songs/bands like Pink Floyd and Bob Marley. If you guys could please help out by suggesting some stuff to listen to that'd be great! 
    Peace âœŒ

  2. The Doors, for your rock fix....
    Peter Tosh for reggae. he worked with Bob on a few projects..
  3. Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Love, Yes, Black Sabbath, Gentle Giant, King Crimson.
  4. Deep Purple, Led Zeppellin, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Rush
    Pink Floyd is prog rock so you might wanna check out some of the 70's prog rock bands such as Yes, King Crimson, Camel, Genesis, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Jethro Tull and this band who I recently discovered....

    Reminds me of 70's Scorpions+Deep Purple with their own unique style.
    Yes are the shit. I first time I listened to this song was the Yessongs live version. Mindblowing.
    One of my fav Yes songs:

    Anyone familiar with Camel?

    Awesome greek band from the 70's:

    Also to the OP, if you want some Reggae I suggest checking out Midnite:

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    Yeah South side of the sky is another classic.  Yeah I like Camel, Mirage and Snow Goose are both awesome albums, I don't have any others.
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    God no. What even would make you say that?
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  10. Yes sir  ^  Fuck I love Gong, Camembert Electrique is like the best album to listen to on trippy drugs.  Caravan are also one of my favourites and soft machine nevermind the whole canterbury scene like you mentioned :p
  11. Wait the drug or the song? :p
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    I realize it's hard for you to see the name Zep and consider whether any other group could be in the same class as them, but if you really examine and listen to the Sublime sound you will notice a few parallels with Zep.

    Led Zeppelin brought old American blues to a new audience (although they weren't the only band to do so) and succeeded in blending these old sounds into their own style and ended up creating an entirely unique genre of music. 
    Sublime did the same sort of thing with 70's and 80's reggae. 
    They took a niche genre and made it sound good to mainstream audiences.

    I think it's safe to say that 99% of musicians around the world hold a deep respect for Led Zeppelin.
    Led Zeppelin truly is a band's band. A musician's band.

    If you ask around the musical community today, you will hear similar assessments made about Sublime (at least from those who have heard of Sublime).

    I encourage everyone to look past the 'stoner party band' label that is often attached to Sublime, and really take a good listen to their lesser-known material and maybe even read about their history.
    This was a great group of musicians, who happened to form a band making the right kind of music at the right time and place.
    Bradley Nowell's musical abilities are the stuff of legend. He really was a tragic genius.
    Despite Brad's death, Sublime's story really is a beautiful thing to me.

    In conclusion I'll leave you with something to consider:

    Brad Nowell once wrote a song for Sublime using samples from Zeppelin's Lemon Song (which I'm sure you know was a cover of an old blues song). 
    The first half of this video is Sublime, the second half is Led Zeppelin.
  13. The Grateful Dead.

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