Stoner chickss haha

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    Stoner chicks are pretty awesome, I mean what more can you ask for then a babe to roll your blunts and pack your bong with you ? Lol I'm talking to this pretty hot stoner chick, she's been on vaca for the past week and shes coming back today. Should I ask her to hangout her first day back and smoke some dank with me or should I wait for her to invite me over..decisions. lmao

    -I'm pretty high and bored. so i made this post. hahaha :smoke:
  2. I was walking around the other day and I was thinking...I only want to smoke with girls to look at their bodies. I was considering smoking up tons of girls but then I thought...wait...all i wanna do is fuck them.
  3. You can't talk about selling here):
  4. Stoner chicks are only more awesome than normal stoners when you put the pussy on a two cents. :p
  5. im not man. if your talking to me. lol
  6. Oh, I figured you were thinking too deeply into it because you can't decide whether or not to ask her or wait to ask her. Just do what feels natural.
  7. Man big deal, they don't have a Y-Chromosome :rolleyes:
  8. Ya they are awesome! I say, ask her if she wants to blaze when she gets back.

    She probably first has shit to do, but I don't think she will turn you down.
  9. Yeah can't talk about your job or occupation here or the they'll send the stormtroopers and..


    without warning too!

  10. first time i thought of the ban hammer as something real
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    Dude If I was in your situation, when she gets back, wait for her to text you. And then after that text her back asking if she'd be down to blunt cruise to dinner and then just chill\smoke more after dinner.
    You'd be a hero, and would most likely get laid.
  12. That sounds like a really good idea bro! lol im going to hangout with her in a couple hours. Just gonna stay baked until then :smoking:
  13. Just hit her up and say something like "we should blaze sometime. Hit me up when your not busy". Pretty simple thing to do and it opens doors.
  14. You're a sad person. I wish you luck on your hopeless quest.

  15. Dude leave me the fuck alone...
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  16. i like girls that smoke weed and a lot of it and can handle it. not the giggitity idiot ones.
  17. It depends on their personality.
  18. [quote name='"Mikesu58"']That sounds like a really good idea bro! lol im going to hangout with her in a couple hours. Just gonna stay baked until then :smoking:[/quote]

    Itll work for you too my man!

  19. I successfully pulled what he said off in my senior year:wave:

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