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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Sad Panda, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. Why don't I know very many of them in real life? Why are most of the stoners guys? A stoner girl is a huge turn-on.

    I know Bud Head has been advocating national recognition of stoner girls for some time.

    So I guess the point of my thread is to found a club here at the City. I'm thinking we can call it S.C.A.L.E. : Stoner Chicks Are, Like, Excellent. No membership fees, no required meetings, just appreciation of all things Stoner Chick.



  2. if there were more, the world would be a much better place.
  3. You must be in the wrong place :D most of my female friends are stoner chicks its great!
  4. I love the stoner chicks I know. Most of the girls I know smoke occasionally but there are a few who could probably smoke me under the table.
  5. Any chick I know who smokes would get killed if they competed against me. lol.. It's a definate turn on though.
  6. We call them O.F.F.F.s!!!!!

    Old fried fartettes!!!!!!!They already have their club! lol
  7. Yeah, I don't really dig on that Bud Head. I'm not old....well, I am but I don't look it or feel it, even with that birthday coming up. I don't like the fartette thing so as far as I'm concerned, I'm just a stoner chick! :D Gonna be a stoned chick in about 5 or so minutes!!!! :D :D

    ...and anyone can join my's the "I'm stoned, you're stoned and if you're not stoned, you're gonna be stoned soon!" club!!!!
  8. I do believe it was changed rummy.. I'll have to look up and see what it was changed to. :D

    You know us old fried farts want our fartettes. LOL

    I think it was changed to bladettes though!

  9. now that's my kinda club:)!
  10. all the girls i know who smoke (daily) are really cool, but are all really ugly too, hah...

    btw i'm not speaking for any of the "bladettes" on this site, not only because i was just referring to my local area, but i've seen some pictures of the stoner chicks on this website! some of you should consider moving to atlanta ;)
  11. No, there are tons of hottie everyday girl tokers. My lady is one of them and Im confident there are copious amounts out there. THey may be to stoned to want to go out and socialize but they are amongst us. There are tons of fish in the sea you just have to keep fishing. :)
  12. I can't get enough of them...but sadly, there aren't enough of them to get.
  13. Same here...what is wrong with the rest of the world? Wherever I smoke (at a party, bbq, etc.) there's always 50:50 boys and girls. Unless we're at rehersal. Ain't no girls in my bands (yet)
  14. All of the stoner chicks around here are HUGE SLUTS that never have their own weed and will do shit to have it... they're all like 14 and shit too (im too old for that), so i tend to stay away from them. Although one time I was at a friends house and these girls did do some nice stuff just to smoke with us (eating each other out and shit)... ya know, the type of shit that'll give you a semi-long-one but making you keep their age in mind (hense semi)... yea, they're the worst, when you're rolling, they'll take the excess that falls out and the stems because they're greedy. Yea, the girls here dont put out a good name for the girls of pot.

  15. fucking hell, what desperate fucking whores !!!

    wouldnt call them a "stoner chick" tho, just "whores who think its 'cool' to smoke", dont have the patented stoner chick outlook on life
  16. i agree with mooglekexin all the way:rolleyes:
  17. i'm a chick and i'm a stoner! I also have a lot of girl friends that are stoners too.

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  18. hahaah peace to all da stoner chiks out there USE ROK thats why im glad my sxc girlfriend is a stoner chick

    coz wen im stoned with her like right now it means im defiantly gunna get lucky tonight:hello:


    :smoking: :smoking: :smoking:
  19. yea stoner chicks are the absolute best! i live on a farm road with like 10 people on it all together haha and i only knew 1 other person on it till like 2 weeks ago and this other chick on the other side of this long ass road is fuckin UNREAL hott and could prolly get close to holding her own with me(doubt it haha!) but like the past week everyday at night she texts me and says wanna match and every single night we come up to my room and match blunts and play video games haha i think im in love! what should i do?!?!? haha

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