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Stoner Chicks

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MDayHippie93, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. After taking a few hits off my new piece, I thought to come with a question for all stoners.. girls, "stoner chicks" do you ever use the fact that you're a girl to get weed or find it makes it easier to be smoked out.. guys, what questions do you have for the "rare" stoner girl.??

    As far as me, yes! I was on the beach the other day with friends , two guys walked by talked to us for a second than said they were going to go smoke there weed. I followed with a friend , who asked if we could smoke with them , they pointed at me and said well you're cute so sure and that was it.. awesome.
  2. Weed or a dollar cheeseburger from Micky D's, if you're a cute chick or a cool dude, you'll score free shit. As a guy, I love sharing whatever I have---energy attracts like energy so I'm more than wiling to share to connect with cool peoples. No doubt hot chicks have it best but even the fuglies will get freebies. Has little to do with looks and more to do with just additional cool people to converse with.
  3. Fuck all that.
    I'm into equality and free pussy...personally if the first time I met a chick she scrounged my weed and thought she could rightfully pull that shit just because she was female...well, I'd have to assume this kind of behaviour would form other patterns, and well, I'm more for hanging out with females that don't think I owe them shit from the get go.
    I don't need a bleeding wallet.
    But then, I'm not super hard-up for sex. Guys that are probably think you're a sure bet though.
    Good impression.
  4. From a guys point of view, that kind of stuff happens all the time around my location. if youre a good looking chick, you usually smoke for free. Guys think thats the only easy way to get in their pants lol
  5. I dont mind smoking up anybody, I dont believe in charging people to smoke, if i got it, we smoking!

    I'll be more generous with a attractive stoner chick cus they are rare and even sexy ones can just weird to smoke with!
  6. I'm a married female... most of my male friends are either married themselves, in a serious relationship, or mutual friends of mine and my husband, so no, I absolutely don't expect to get smoked up just for being a female. :p

    Friends are friends. My gender doesn't matter, their gender doesn't matter, we match bowls equally as much as we can. If one of us is out, we'll smoke each other up because they're basically family and I have no qualms about getting them high.

    It's a world of happy equality! :D
  7. i like sharing with everyone and i know quite a few other stoners who have the same generous nature as i. weed is a wonderful thing!
    but i would never follow someone and ask if i could smoke with them. especially without even offering anything in return. awkward.
  8. I love to share! But it's the biggest turn off when girls use you just to get a smoke.

  9. I'm proud to say I've never been that type of girl... All my hookups have generally been friends as well. I never led anyone on, we all just smoked as friends. Equal friends. I'll smoke you up, you'll smoke me up, we'll all be a happy, equal, friendly family.

    If I've got nothing and you smoke me up, then I'll return the favor as soon as possible.

    We should all just be kind and generous to each other, regardless of genitalia. :D
  10. I'm sorry but this made me laugh. Stoner girls are not "rare" lol.

    Is this real life?
  11. The more you focus on making things equal the more you'll begin to realize that people aren't equal. It's just life.

    To answer the question, yes, I'll use my gender to attain leniency, but then again, I'm sure every single one of you has something specific about you that allows you to get a little more. Someone people cry when stopped for speeding tickets, others use their gender.

    Is it wrong? I don't think so. What's the point of a trait if it makes no difference in your life?
  12. Yeah, stoner girls aren't rare. I'm a woman and me and all my male and female friends smoke together equally. We know girls who DO try and scrounge not just weed but drinks and pills or whatever from guys. They aren't respected. It really is all about equality!

  13. "With great power..." and all that.
    I guess you're right though, people do use certain attributes and skills to make their way in the world - but when it's just to get loaded for free...I dunno, feels like it cheapens it somewhat, no pun intended.
    I'm just saying I can imagine a situation where a chick and I were getting along, then when the weed gets broken out her being like "but...but...I never pay...", it would probably give me the impression she was like, self centred.

  14. It seems to me that women who do it are just cunts that think it's their right IMO. Not saying you are OP, it just seems like thats the majority
  15. #15 5e3deluxe, Jul 31, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 31, 2012
    My sweetie had her card two years before I did. I was the moocher. Now that I have one, I'm trying to pay it back.

    If someone tried to tell me "but, I never pay," I'd open the door and say "get the fuck out."
  16. If I'm smoking something bigger than a percy anyways then I don't mind letting a cute girl in, but if all I have is what I plan to get myself high with then hell no, I'm not desperate for girls. I'm not the type of guy who if a girl asked me to smoke I'd instantly go roll a joint for her. I have made girls match or throw me a 5 if they wanna smoke up. Shit ain't cheap! (Unless you vapin!)

    My current gf of a year is a pretty big stoner, and she has definitely taken advantage of it in the past (and now with a couple of her guy friends ahahah).
  17. I have never given anyone cannabis. By never I mean always.
  18. Seriously never been in this kind of situation before and I actually find it pretty interesting. Thinking back, the only times I've ever lit up with a chick (maybe 3, 4 times) it was ALWAYS one and one. She was also always the one to suggest it and I was the one who was looking at her like "Did I hear that right"? Girls using their 'charms' to get ahead in life is something that one sees everyday but if a chick ever tried this on me to get some free ganja I think I'd look down on her.

    I guess there's a line of how and when chicks can use their weapons on me. Need a ride or some schoolwork double checked for you, sure. Need some herb so bad that you're seducing me for it? Get the hell out of here.
  19. Maybe it's because I'm in college... but when are stoner chicks "rare"? We definitely outweigh the male stoners at my school.
    And sometimes I get smoked out. Sometimes I smoke guys out. Sometimes we go halvesies. Most of the time it's me and my roommates (all girls) smoking by ourselves before we go to parties, and then big groups of people (boys and girls) splitting bowls. No matter what, I'm always stoned. ;)
  20. Tits or no weed

    Thats how i roll

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