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**Stoner chicks unite..For the guys from a girls perspective..Get your ?'s answered**

Discussion in 'General' started by samson32, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. #1961 SmotPoker29, May 18, 2011
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    lol, why are you angry towards everything i say? LIG man. let it go.

    edit: i let people smoke my bowls, blunts, joints when i have the chance. but according to you, maybe i just want to fuck them, right? lmao...
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    The first underlined statement is truthful.

    If you were to try to describe human behavior, but you couldnt specify sex. You will find that men and women are for the most part, exactly the same in every way shape and form.

    The precursor to being a man or a woman, is to be a human. In which you find that it is "human behavior" that drives every humans actions.

    Second thing I underlined though.

    Um no. I give out free weed. Im a social animal.

    Maybe you incapable of being nice without the prospect of getting something in return

    If someone partakes in Altruistic behavior, you say they are "out of their fuckin minds"

    And your allowed to say that.

    but you are not allowed to assume that all human beings are incapable of self sacrifice.

    I give out free weed for the sake of giving out free weed.

    You do not because you would feel you are "out of your fucking mind" if you do because "being nice" is a cover up for some life inadequacy you are experiencing. I.E "lonely or wanting sex"

    But not everyone acts or thinks like you.

    Therefore, it is possible to give out free weed with out being "lonely" or "looking for sex"

    I swear to god i feel so disconnected from the normal portrayal of men due to the fact that I rarely find myself ACTUALLY attracted to a girl unless I get to know her really really well.

    Cant imagine giving a chick weed for sex. Its like explaining molecular physics to me in russian lol
  3. I like to give love and get sex. It's worked out pretty well for me so far. Add in a little weed and we're extra happy.
  4. P.S. I just noticed my rep changed to "drhell2pay is coming up" Is that euphemistic? If so, I'd rather come outward and downward, which avoids hitting myself in the face altogether.
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    It's okay to not fit the stereotype. Stereotypes suck anyway.
    I share my weed, but generally with my friends.
    Or if a friend had a friend, I'd share with them.
    in modern times, random selfless acts of kindness are so rare that they are often treated with incredulity. haha. it's not really surprising
  6. This is why I avoid girls with many guy friends. Male and female will always have an underlying sexual tension, no matter how obscure it is. I guess for him, losing you is better than getting cheated on in his opinion. (not saying you would) There's always a guy out there trying to bang your chick. There's really nothing to explain, and he's pretty justified to feel like that. Especially if that's you in your avatar. A simple friendship can easily turn into a relationship. I wouldn't be down with my gf going to smoke with another dude at all. Unless he was a very good friend of mine as well.
  7. But see, that's the rub...it isn't other guys that are the problem. The girl has choice, too, so you really don't trust your girlfriend, no matter how you spin it. If she doesn't want to cheat, she won't cheat. It really is that simple.

    As a girl, if I'm not attracted to a guy I'm friends with, then I won't be having sex with said guy (and it's also probably why we're only friends). It's the same way with girls...if I'm not attracted, I'm not having sex. So the only issue guys have with girls hanging out with other guys is trust...they don't trust that the girl is going to stay faithful. (Which is ultimately a sign that the guy doesn't believe he's worth staying with.)

    This also applies to girls, it's just they manifest it differently...it's an inherent mistrust of anyone of the opposite sex, because you don't have the security to believe that your partner will be committed to you.
  8. And it's very easy to be attracted to someone else while in a relationship. There's plenty of goodlooking people out there. And while what you say is true, it can lead to a lot of heartache for the suffering party. Let me tell you from a guys POV, there's not many chicks guys hang out with who they aren't attracted too. Especially if they're interested in smoking with them.

    Not to mention it goes far deeper than trust in my opinion. It's built in our dna (I know lol) to protect and be dominant. It doesn't necessarily stem from insecurity or jealousy, just that he doesn't want to get hurt. I've had a couple very confident, non jealous friends that had chicks who cheated on them. Fucking crushed them.
  9. thats the thing, he wouldn't even let me smoke with HIS friends alone. i kinda felt like he was being my father in some type of way - really overprotective and overbearing. i guess the reason it upset me was because i'd let him hang out with my friends while i went to the supermarket knowing my friends are single and ready to mingle but i put my trust into him and i know he didnt do anything. i just wish he would have given me the same oppotunity and over time he'd see that as long as your partner isn't down to do anything, then nothing will happen. you wont kiss someone unless YOU want to, you wont have sex with someone unless YOU want to . . . unless its rape, then :(
  10. So you would control who your gf sees because you're afraid she'll be attracted toward someone else?

    Yes, of course other people are attractive. But you know, I'd think there was something a little deeper than physical attraction keeping you two together, so that argument goes out the window. If we all acted on only our physical attractions, most of us would never have a relationship thanks to Hollywood celebrities. And make no mistake, there is a HUGE difference between having desire and acting on it.

    And the thing about "DNA" is a load of bull, if you ask me. There are plenty of relationships out there where the gender of who you're friends with doesn't matter, because the fear of cheating isn't there. And if it really were encoded in male DNA, women wouldn't do the same damn thing. You don't think chicks going through your stuff (phone, Facebook, etc.) and dictating which women they like to see you hang out with isn't similar? :rolleyes: It's all about a lack of trust, it really is, whether that's obvious or not.

    And I know cheating hurts. I've watched family members get shit on because of cheating, but you don't prevent it by telling your partner who they can and cannot see, based upon who you think s/he will/will not fuck. It never works. (And in fact, you could make a point that this behavior pushes your partner away, so that cheating doesn't seem so terrible after a while. :eek: It really damages your relationship when you don't trust your partner enough to let her/him make their own friends.)
  11. so hot.lol
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    Meh, I just it's very unlikely for men and women to bond for extended periods of time without creating some sort of intimate attraction. Natural reaction to being around a woman is to be stimulated and want to have sex with her. No matter how much you trust, love and care for your partner. There's always that primal, fuck monkey deep down in you that wants to keep the species alive. I think people really underestimate how much animal is in us.

    I'm not trying to justify cheating at all. I've never cheated, despite it happening to me more than once. Just trying to give a different perspective.
  13. #1973 Blunted123, May 18, 2011
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    Don't be mad that my argument made yours submit. Beer=relaxation=weakness=not the height of your game. Again, if you need beer to pick up on a chick, your game is weak and you need practice; practice without drugs, it will help. I promise. Or am I assuming?

    Wtf did you even read this? You're gonna go accept free weed and not return the favor? This is my point, exactly. You say false advertising, I say just another scheming female.
    Girls are leeches meant to lead us to a world worked by men and controlled by women. Fill factories with women and resturaunts with men! Women work, men socialize! Start the revolution!

    Fuck that, customer service ain't my thang unless I'm bein' served, haha.
  14. #1974 shemluck, May 18, 2011
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    disagree. I've smoked with an ex whos still a good friend and my boyfriend isn't threatened at all.
    maybe that's because we trust each other but, to each his own.
  15. ok, so this then brings up an interesting general question, and something I've been debating with myself alot lately: Can there ever be such a thing as a TOTALLY platonic relationship between a male and female? Or is there always going to be SOME degree of sexual tension, interest, desire, that faint "what if....?" thought in the back of someone's mind? What do you guys think?
  16. :laughing: Maybe for you, but I think I acknowledge that I'm human and other things (like the betterment of society and my own ambitions) come before fucking like a monkey, lol.

    And if you have a problem keeping that fuck-monkey under control, you might have some issues, man. Because there's absolutely no issue for me (or my opposite gender friends). :rolleyes:

    Shemluck, I totally agree. I don't get what's so hard to understand about this stuff...why would genetics be a better answer than trust? What's so hard to understand about the fact that you can't trust your gf not to screw someone else? I can't even trust my partner not to (hence why I'm not in a relationship).

    Instead of blaming my inability to trust on the "inability" of the male persuasion to keep their dick in their pants (a.k.a generalizing/stereotyping), I understand that my trust issues are my problem. Not that difficult a concept, really. :rolleyes:

    (And this is my last post on the subject, I swear!!)
  17. Gf just rainchecked me so time to ponder the value of relationships...

    The DNA thing is true, at least for guys. It's kind of like the rush you get when standing on the edge of the cliff, but without the actual risk of death if you jump. That doesn't mean a guy can't walk away from the temptation; Mind over matter i guess but sometimes it seems like so much matter and so little mind :( . Admittedly the difficulty with this seems to vary between guys. Btw for yall girls, the best way to get a guy not to cheat is to trust him not to cheat. A girl that trusts that I can keep myself out of trouble is more attactive than one who thinks she needs to keep tabs on me.

    As for telling/being told who you can hang out with? If a guy/girl tells you to stay away from someone else just cuz (s)hes jealous tell them to gtfo. The only reason I would insist that a girl stay away from a guy would be if her safety was a factor like if the guy was a violent drunk or something.
  18. RzaStyle got pwned.
  19. #1979 kliff2004, May 18, 2011
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    This line made me chuckle.

    Reminded me of questions i asked based on what girls would think if their dude was attracted to an underage'd girl

    You see how fast this logic flies out the window when asking such a taboo question

    And transporter's avatar makes me laugh also.

    Cause that was the actual response I got lol

    Personally I never understood the idea of cheating. I just sit in my room and play video games.

    When I was in a relationship, every girl i saw that wasent my girlfriend was essentially a man to me.

    The only way you cna have a true platonic relationship is to admit you are attracted to the person. and move from there.

    I.E. "I have this huge lump on my leg, but I dont want to go to the doctor cause he will tell me its cancer"

    (if I ignore the problem it will go away mentality)
  20. im not returning the favor because i didnt come out looking to get sparked up. what if i had no money on me, no bud, not even a lighter - and a guy offers to spark me up...am i SUPPOSED to pull my pants down because i cant throw down anything for the nice gesture? no. HE offered. HE knew what he was getting himself into. HE knew that either i was going to be very polite and nice or a total bitch. dont make the man the victim here, please. a girl isn't going to stick her hand down your pocket and grab all your money and run away with it, literally. so girls are leeches if you let them be.

    let me guess, being served by a woman. :rolleyes:

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