stoner chick advice?

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    Well there's this stoner chick that I've been friends with for about 3 years. We mainly try and remain just friends but we have made out gotten further.

    Basically we were meant to wake up at 12:30 and get there but something comes up. Apparently her friend bought her movie tickets so she was late till like 4.

    I have never had my time wasted like this before and I'm pissed. Do I even have the right to be pissed and what exactly do you reckon is the best way to tell her that she was a little bitch and I generally do not tolerate people wasting my time?
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    852 represent!
    whats goood :smoke:

    sounds like a typical int'l school bitch... hahah am i right? just straight up call her out on that bullshit dude, or get her to go somewhere hella far like lamma/mui wo or something (where you gotta get a ferry) and leave her stranded :p
  3. Oh my god is it so...another Hong konger? Wow bro I thought Hong Kong was pretty devoid of pot smokers. Yeah she pretty much is just that. Hahahahhaah I really was thinking of ditching her in fucking Chungking. Last time we went together she was so nervous she wouldn't shake the dealers hand.
  4. hahah yeah brah, graduated HS back there in '10, gonna keep the name of the school under wraps though haha :p is shit still going down in chungking? we never really went there for the hash... more for the BOMB ASS curry houses hahah

    whats good with hk island now? i heard they're redeveloping LKF.... they better not fucking touch lockhart rd though. straight up
  5. Oh my god dude the hash you can get there now is fuckin primo. One bowl will make you feel like a first time potsmoker.
    Hahahaha lkf is getting torn down but it was losing prestige anyways. My mates and I frequent this bar in SoHo so it doesn't affect me.
    Oh god lockhart? We went into club Venus and it was just soooo sleazy. Scratch is a cool place though :)
  6. Hahahah fuck club venus dude, those places are bad news...carnegies is where its at! all the clunge up on the bar and HKD10 drink promotions almost every night... i spent literally almost all my wednesday to saturday nights there hahah. Soho's pretty chill... my ex's mom just opened up flutes (new bar) on elgin street :cool:

    so, what you doin' out in hk? an expat out there for school/work? diggin it im guessing? haha
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    Hahaha so I really worked the screws on the girl and yeah full apology, probably some "favors" too. Shit I've actually never been to Carnegies I always thought it was fat old expatriates hanging around there.
    Pretty much correct I guess, im ethnically Chinese but I was born and raised back in the states. So I guess national expat but ethnic local :)
  8. Watching two people fall in love in a Grasscity thread : Priceless.

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    I don't think you quite understand. Smokers in hk are either very infrequent or very private. I personally have never even discussed bud with a hong konger not in my social group im curious about locations, prices etc
  10. Straight up, man. You guys would be surprised... most of the population don't even know what bud smells like!

    But hey, thats the beauty of this place, haha. Uniting blades the world over!
  11. Ah there were multiple times when I convinced the manager of i-1 (that LAN cafe) that I merely rolled my own cigarettes with some weird paper so it smellt a tad funny. You pretty much can get away with smoking on the street actually.
  12. i-one right round the corner from jardine's/times square? many a good time were had at that place haha

    dude... no man. i've gotten fucked by the long dick of the law there, and its no fun at all, lemme tell you that. got busted for possession but thank god i was underage haha, a few of my buddies have been busted too but being gwailos nothing ever happens to them =.=
  13. mmm yeah its pretty awesome. a good place to chill after a long night of drinking :)
    lol shit wait you were busted? fuuuckkk what happened lol, where were you?
    I've never been caught, but this one time we were hotboxing the fuck out of my mate's apartment in db, and somehow cops show up at the door because apparently we were WAY too loud (blasting reggae at like 3 a.m.) We all pretty much shat ourselves but agreed to turn off the music and apparently the cop didn't smell anything. He literally even walked into the living room (we were smoking in the bedroom) and pretty much all he did was tell us to keep the music down past 10 pm. :smoke:

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