Stoner Brook Smokers Sound Off

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  1. Its about 3 weeks away now, an of course i'm talking about classes starting up again. Starting my junior year at stony brook, was wondering if there was anybody on here that was starting to get excited too. Anybody that goes to SBU, or lives in the area sound off. Share some stories from back in the day of it's your Alma Mater too. Just got all my shit moved into my new spot n can't wait to finally have moved out, already christened the crapper.
  2. ^^^^^^^^
  3. Stealing my gif from the, "Has anyone ever smoked Gwam?" thread. -.- :devious:
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    lol no shit; OP's paragraph wasn't even that long, dude just wanted to post the gif he saw in your thread


    EDIT: I dunno anything about Stony Brook, just that I coached their hoops team once in NCAA college basketball video game, and that Dougher is a pretty good 3PT shooter :confused_2:

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