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stoner attitude questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by soporific, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. My boyfriend, former metal head, told me, "who would have imagined I would become a hippy?"
    I laughed and said, "anyone who's ever smoked pot."
    He argued that his friends, also potheads, have not transformed into chill-er people, like he did once he started smoking pot.
    We discussed this and noticed we had had similar radicals changes once we introduced marijuana into our lives: we were more peaceful, considerate and nature-y.
    His friends' changes are completely different, though. One claims to get headaches if he doesn't get to smoke weed everyday. He doesn't like sharing his pot. He always scolds us when we want to share. He doesn't chill at all!

    My question is, why do you think people all under the same influence can react so extremely different under the soothing influence of the gods' greatest gift? How have you changed, if at all? Do you have any friends that act completely different now that they smoke?
  2. Weed is somethign that effects everyone differently. So if you love weed and it treats ur right then right onn go smoke up haha. If not they bad news bears for u headache boy.
  3. Yea i have some friends that are very stingy about their weed and money. I just like to share the love (aka weed) man
  4. Me and my friends all noticed the same things, we have become more openminded, considerate of others, and are genuinely happier with life, but I've seen too many douchebag stoners to know that the herb can't help everyone.

    peace :D
  5. Not everyone falls in love with cannabis on the first go around. It takes time to feel comfortable with the sensation and be at peace. The more you embrace it, the better you feel.
  6. Herb is great for me.

    People that don't share can fuck off in our circles, because we all share our bud and biters can all sod off.
  7. When i was depressed the herb just made me more depressed. Now though, it just makes me happy, peaceful, lazy.
  8. i was already one of the most chill people i knew, so weed just made me more chill :p hahaha.
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    I think the thing about his head hurts if he dosent have it is all in his head but man I love weed it has helped me over come struggles it puts me in a better mood and makes everything fun it's the best thing that has ever happened to me
  10. I had this conversation with 2 of my stoner friends and there were two schools of thought:.
    The first was that marijuana merely alters what is already there, it does not transform. This means that if you are an uptight person, it will help you let go of a lot of the things that bind you, but it WILL NOT fix you.

    The second was that these people don't fully enjoy all of pot's lovely virtues.

  11. There's no bad mood that weed can't fix for me.
    Even if I have the worst fight with my boyfriend, I just go smoke up immediately and he does the same. We talk VERY calmly about what happened and just decide to forget about it.
    We're functional like that :p

    Marijuana has saved every interpersonal relationship important in my life. Every one.

    And now I can't imagine a life without it!

    Haha! I was actually not chill at all! I'm very emotional, so little things upset me. Marijuana has made me grow SO much as a person.

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