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Stoner Archetypes

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nabe-stona, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I know Types of Stoners has been done but I wanted to approach the topic from a new angle, since I recently discovered a new archetype. So this is for discovering the different types and sharing methods for how to deal with the less-than-pleasant stoners we sometimes associate with.

    So I introduce to you, the Can't-Get-High-Guy. No matter how much herb you're putting down to go up in smoke, this person just isn't feeling it well enough, and they always imply/ask/demand that you smoke more with them because they're "Not that high yet" or they're "Right on the edge". Case in point, I recently discovered that someone in my family, who I've been smoking with for years, falls under this category.

    Lately I've been helping my sister through a rough patch in her life. As such, if I have bud I'll share it with her. Here lately it's been dry as hell around here and so I was only able to pick up through a friend I trust, but it's more expensive (and higher quality) than what I usually get, so I'm thinking it'll last longer. Nope.

    I let her stay at my place off and on and whenever she's here we inevitably wind up toking. So I've got this good shit, takes 1-2 hitters to be well-stoned for several hours. So after sharing out the 2 and 2 I replace the hitter into the dugout in a silent act of finality and prepare to leave the smoking room and she declares, eyes red as the devil's dick "We-done-already-I'm-not-even-that-stoned" I was taken aback. We had both smoked enough to be completely ripped, and I know I held up my end of that bargain. She hasn't had a job since May, hasn't contributed jack-shit in the way of smokeables, and she wants to sit there and try to mooch a little more? When I'm already spending more than usual and getting even less than what I pay for?!

    I was irritated but so surprised at her audacity that I simply loaded another to avoid a confrontation. The next day, she says the same fucking thing, and I called her on bullshit. She got all "Yeah, whatever" on me and left it at that, the next day she did it again. I smoke way more often than she does, and if I'm blitzed than she should be fucking gone, but she won't admit it because she just wants to smoke up all of somebody's shit.

    So the bottom line is this: I'm not an asshole, and I don't mind sharing, but it stops being sharing and turns into being used somewhere along the line. She's a fucking cunt the minute she realizes I'm out of weed, and then goes to stay at our mom's. I'm picking up soon, and she'll be just as needy-mcweedy when she comes back. How do I stop being nice enough to smoke with her until it's gone without being a total dick? She already knows I'm picking up, unfortunately, and so she'll be expecting it. I'm getting a half, and if this weed-fiend gets her way it'll be gone sooner than it came. What would last me 2 weeks or so won't even last a week if I let her control the rate. I know no amount of my sharing will ever be paid back in kind because she doesn't give a fuck about doing right by anyone, including herself.
  2. How about saying, fuck off..
  3. two hitters aint shit
  4. I can immagine dude, i'd be pissed. It's your weed, just tell her up front shes being a moocher, and that you dont want to let her mooch off of you anymore.
  5. Don't forget the Sneaky Bastard. The guy who will pocket a tiny nug when he's "checking out" your pick up. Or borrow your bowl, scrape every bit of your resin out of it, and then give it back to you.

    Also the guy who smokes you up once and then acts like they're big legit businessman, always bugging you that you owe them x amount of weed and interest or some shit.

    edit: wait, what's this thread about?
  6. Shit anything past 4 or 5 hits is a waste.
  7. A friend of mine helped me put some shit into perspective. I need to stop giving in to avoid her bitchiness, and ignore her inner bitch when I don't give in. As he put it, I am the keeper of the weed and I am the holder of the lighter! This shit needs to be on my terms. So I'm going to try like hell to make it that way and keep it there.
  8. next time you smoke just say that you didn't have enough money to get her any weed. stare her in the face and just say "Problem?"
  9. if someone borrows your bowl and scrapes the resin out you should thank him.
  10. Not if you wanted it for yourself, or didn't just want to be used for it

  11. meh, i'd be thankful. I don't like having to clean my pieces.

  12. Lol why? That's my free smoke. Not of all of us can buy $300 bongs off the internet every time our old one gets a wee bit of dust in it.

  13. I heard that man! I always put off cleaning my spoon/bubblers as long as possible. It's time consuming and I don't necessarily want to smoke any resin so if someone wants to have the resin they can go for it!:D:D:D:D
  14. Oh! Theres the you got anything to eat? Smoker who is extremely needy. Or like said above the Loan Sharks who smoke like 1 measly bowl and they SWEAR you owe them either weed or money no matter how little it is and will never let you hear the end of it.
  15. This thread mislead me. I thought you would touch upon several archetypes but that was a clever ploy to hide a rant.
    Well played.
  16. Could be that she isn't taking as big of hits. I know sometimes when I go to my omega potheads friends house they both roll blunts and pack bongs all night long after I am perfectly ripped so I just started taking smaller hits and coast through the night. Try forcing her to take one of those giga hits where she is zombified for a few seconds after the hit. That should do the trick.
  17. I agree with al. i have a mate like this who will smoke 100 tiny tiny cones instead of 10 big ones you know.
  18. Not much of a ploy, I only thought that since it's a thread, other people would have archetypes to contribute and methods for dealing with them if they had any. The rant just sort of happened, it started as an explanation of what happened/ the behaviour of the archetype in the situation.
  19. From what I can tell she takes decent, medium-sized hits. She's ALWAYS hacking her lungs up after each hit and she's vomited twice since she started staying here part of the time. Bigger hits are only going to guarantee more puke in my apartment, but I appreciate the input, it's a very valid point. + rep
  20. Lol I was thinking the same thing whole time I was reading the thread. Coax us in with the exciting thread idea and let loose with the 3 paragraph rant haha. It's all good though mate, I'm not harassing you. It's just funny.

    How about the paranoid motherfucker? Used to know a guy that would always sketch out in public even if we just casually chatted about shit. He didn't last long in our group.

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