Stoner Animated Show

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  1. So I want to make a cartoon when my I learn more about animation about two stoners one who is an angry stoner and the other one a strange one that gets on his nerves. The angry one's brother is also a stoner but he is a cat with a human's face. There would be other characters like their dealer, their wacky neighbor local businesses and shit.

    But the show would be less about the characters themselves as much as the situations they end up in.

    Some ideas my friends and I came up with is an episode where the angry stoner is reading a comic book while he tries shrooms for the first time and it is about pirates. He enters the comic and ends up in a strange music video with pirate metal in the background as all the pirates do a dance in unison.

    Another one is they find their weed tweaker friend living in their refrigerator one morning. An episode where two side characters get really high and find themselves in space.

    One trademark of the show would be ridiculous plot twists meant to trip people the fuck out.

    I would want this show to be relatively short maybe like fifteen minutes long to a half hour at most.

    I would want special celebrity stoner guests if it ever picked up off the ground.

    I'm not saying character names or other details because I actually want to do this.

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