Stoner and Super Genius

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by IndianaToker, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. There's a stoner and a super genius sitting on a bench waiting on a bus. The genius gets bored, leans over to the stoner and says, "Hey I'll tell you what, I'll ask you a question and if you don't know the answer you have to give me five bucks. If you ask me a question and I don't know the answer I have to give you fifty bucks." The stoner says, "Alright, Man." The genius asks the stoner, "What is the Pythagorian Theory?" The stoner replies, "I don't know," and hands the genius five bucks. "Okay," the stoner says, "What has three legs going up a hill and four legs going down?" The genius thinks real hard and finally gives up. he hands the stoner fifty bucks and then asks, "So, what is the answer?" The stoner says, "I don't know," and hands the genius five bucks.
  2. Stoners always know how to make money..LOL
  3. hahaha thats a good one, I'll try to remember that one
  4. yerh thats a good one il have to write it down.
  5. Lol sorry to bring up a 5 and a half year old thread but I stumbled upon it and cracked up.

    I just imagined the situation with a stereotypical stoner and it was hilarious.
  6. [​IMG]
    this is probably the most epic thread necro'ing i've ever seen
  7. Lol it is :)
  8. I agree in the highest degree of approval that an agreeable man came to conclude agreeably. Indeed, all hail king RICE CRISPIES!

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