Stoner Ancestors?

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  1. So Ive always heard people say Indians used a "Peace Pipe", which is full of weed. So do you guys think Indians would get super baked in there Tps and be like, "Listen, Brown Bear, I am starving, want to eat all of Chief River Tree's berries?" and eat like all the berries and corn and food in the village or somethin?
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  2. Lol then one opened a fast food restaurant named buffalo king or mcbuffalo
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  3. upload_2017-7-12_9-30-56.png

    "Often mixed it with other herbs, and plant matter".

    Basically, what they smoked varied. I'd say some had mostly tobacco, but others may have had all sorts of crazy mixtures.
    After all, they had "medicine men", also known as Shaman in other cultures. Half of their entire schtick was getting blitzed out of your mind on various substances and "communicating" with the other side. I'm sure some wild, wild days and nights took place under a tiki or two.
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  4. Yes

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  5. From the book Cannabis - Evolution and Ethno.: Cannabis/Hemp didn't hit North America until the Europeans

    arrived, then it was grown as Hemp for rope etc

    since the beginnings of civilization in Europe cannabis was bred as hemp ...oils were as unwanted by product of

    hemp, those early farmers weren't dumb they soon learned to breed good hemp by not using them crappy Asian

    seeds, preferring the northern stable strains oil variety

    With Chinese arriving in California back in the day they bought their own..perhaps for cooking,

    that Asian strain again got loose and was soon crossed with the stable north American/euro strain

    sorry to say to this day post WW2 north american strains is not so good

    as it still contains some of those oils

    and as many know wild USA Hemp is still to be found on many back roads in the south

    By the end of WW2 and early cold war days the hemp industry was dead almost with many

    going to that new NYON rope

    good luck

    ps I understand many peace pipes were filled with dry fungi
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  7. drugs have always played an important role in culture
    where certain tribes use hallucinogens to play a certain role; like a child becoming a man

    since there are plants and vegetation that can act as a drug, which can be observed by primitive humans, we can infer that our ancestors would have had access to vegetation with mind altering substances being that animals in contemporary nature also indulge in drug use through consumption or other means
  8. William Skaespeare, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson all smoked. I’m sure Lewis and Clark did, can you imagine journeying across North America in a canoe without any bud?
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  9. Think I heard Benjamin Franklin participated in weed. Know he is a man whore. Lol

  10. No way bifocals were invented by a sober person
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