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  1. I'm new here, and i wanted to here others story's. Well, I got a small story. I was chillin in a friends place with about 3 other friends, so about 5 people. Anyway, after we got blazed, and i'm talking more blazed then the devil's a**hole, we went outside and into a small wooded area along the shore of a lake, pretty lake too. we were walking for quite the time and it felt like i was an adventure from Skyrim, and I sir/mam, love to adventure. i didn't really notice where we were going, nor did I care, it was too fun. At one point, we ended up at a tunnel were a golf course was connected to, and we had a couple of glass coke bottles cause we stopped at the local gas station cause we started get the munchies, and someone thought it was a good idea to slam the bottles on the ground and shatter them. well someone did just that and right after some people started zipping in on there golf carts and we RAN LIKE HELL! it was the funniest thing after. Well, after a lil' while, we got to a nice little spot on the grass and just chilled. needless to say, it was awesome. :metal::metal::metal:

  2. haha I know what that feels like, nature plus weed is an adventure everytime.
  3. Smashing glass bottles isn't cool. Tell your friends to knock that shit off.

    I, too, LOVE to adventure. My friends and I have spots all over the city that we've named. (We have Hobo Bridge, Gnarnia, Clover Pool, Styx Tunnels, Vietnam Wonderland, Wishbone Way, etc.) Its amazing how clearly you can see the wonder in everything after a nice smoke sesh. Its an even better adventure to blaze and go across country. Keep that journeying spirit :)
  4. me and my friend got high, wanted white castle and went to white castle ( really happened didn't take it from the movie) anyway we get there and don't have enough money so the manager spots us 5 bucks, never met him before in our life's. we are still in the parking lot when he gets off so we ask if he smokes and we smoke him out :D overall a great day :cool:
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    I lady friend and I were on the Island of Cebu at Mantayupan Waterfalls. We were looking at the water fall and noticed a small cave to the side and went to explore it. We are both in good shape which was great b/c the swim to reach was very hard as we swam against the current the water fall was creating. Once we got to the cave there was a rope dangle down to assist the climb. I tried 3-4 times but couldnt get up. I could climb the rope but when I had to transition to slippery rock I would fall. The chick I was with work at a climbing store for a little yet she couldnt climb it. We both swam back in defeat but smoked a J and chilled out.
    She was sun bathing while I sat staring at the cave, fuck that cave! I swam out to it and rested after I reached the rope studying the route I should take up the slipper rock. If I fall I just drop in the water as long as I dont hit my head. The first attempt I fail but the second one I made it like a BOSS. I was so pumped, stoned and blowing my mind in the cave opening.

    The first thing I noticed was super green clover looking stuff growing on the cave wall. As I sat chilling in the cave kinda getting freaked out that a snake would fall on me or something my lady came swimming up. She was like''oh thats where you went''! I stood in the opening and told her were I placed my hands to get up. She tried several times but failed. So while standing on slippery cave floor I helped lift her up.

    As our eyes adjusted to zero light we could see the cave split up left and up right. First we climbed up to the right and went 10 feet or so then turned around to go to the other side. On the other side it split, one going down behind the waterfall and the other going straight. I sat in that intersection for 10 minutes still letting my eyes adjust. I was in a squatting position but it looked like the cave opened up and I thought I saw salagtights. It was super hard to tell b/c zero light and I wasnt going to go any farther! We go back to the cave entrance and lay down(on the rope) and start making out for awhile. Then I fell a tug on the rope and I'm like WTF!!1! I look out of the cave and there is a chick posing for a picture. I told her she should climb up but she was to scared. I talked her into it and yet again lifted another lady into my man cave. I was high, feeling super good about making it and then this new chick keeps completing on how strong I was to lift her up like that. Then we explored the cave again with her.

    Man I wish i had a headlamp and a camera with me! I got the picture below from google but edit myself :cool:


    Sorry for the long story......
  6. went to cali, saw hot girl rollin bud on street, asked to smoke with her met her later at venice, smoked at skate park, fucked, skate back to santa monica, felt like tony hawk lol.

    she goes, it feels like were in a hottub, cuz the waves get crashing down.. was so sick.
  7. Back in 2010 I met this girl in my second period class. She was real chill n all. It was during October and everyone was buying cosfumes. I remember she loved to blaze so her and I blazed and we walked into a costume store. We laughed the whole time cause we were just trying out different costumes. After that we went and messed around with her ex's car. We drew on it. And after we went and cruised around. Then finally we got the Munchies so we went out to grab a bite. It sucked cause that was one of the most adventurous days in my life. And I didn't know this girl that much and I really got to know her there. Once I dropped her off we kissed and a week later she moved out of state which sucked cause I dream of a girlfriend who could also be my smoke buddy and who is so chill as she was

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