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Stoner Adventure

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ClarkHemp, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. So i was thinking, even though i can drive, if me and my friend got stoned and went to the traintracks near my house that lead into town would it be fun or just boring? Im high now so i dont know if this makes sence lol. But what i need to know is being by traintracks illegal or something? Idont know laws like that and also would it be too dangerious? the tracks are like in the woods so we'd just jump on a slow car an ride it about a mile or two and jump off when we reach town. I know stoners and trains arnt the best mix but i think itd be a cool story and a rush. So im gonna find out when the slow trains by then ithink ill be set . Would you do it or no?
  2. lol try it...

    jump off a moving train going 40mph xD
  3. umm no my dad used to do that with his friends one of them missed and got all fucked up and lost a leg or something. dont do it man its not worth it
  4. Yeah but I only do it like this:

    [ame=]Indian Train Surfing - Mumbai Harbour Line - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Don't fuck around with moving trains, dude. Especially if you're high. Why don't you guys just walk somewhere cool or some shit?
  6. In my town there's two high schools, so at the other high school that part of town is near the train tracks. These 3 kids played "chicken" on the train tracks and got trapped in a tunnel and had nowhere to go when the train was coming. Soooo two of the kids got hit by a train and were killed and somehow the other one made it out alive but was put into critical condition. Did I mention they were stoners? Yeah... Not a good idea lol
  7. I know it's illegal in detroit.

  8. Was the tunnel the exact size of the train? I don't get how they were trapped in the tunnel :confused:
  9. You eat alot of paint-chips as a kid..?
  10. What happens if the slow moving train isn't moving so slowly when it gets to where you want to go. How long would you be stuck on the train then. It would make for a good adventure I guess.
  11. Well damn. Iguess ill just drive. Haha

  12. who cares about the law, social Darwinian solves this problem. lol
  13. Trains are much bigger than you are, and they take a hell of a long time to stop. Don't fuck around with them, especially in any "impaired" state.

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