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    How's everybody doing, just wanted to post my little organic garden. I'm growing two c-99xharlequin plants in a 2x2 secret jardin ds60. I'm hoping to get a pheno that combines c-99's taste and kick with harlequin's medicinal value. This is my first time growing indoors so i'm still trying to get everything dialed in. I currently have two 40w cfls on one plant and i plan to do the same for the other plant when it sprouts. I'm eventually going to switch to mh/hps a little later into the veg stage. As of right now I have them in buildasoil seedling mix and a i plan on moving the older plant into the living soil in a 3 gallon geopot in about a week. Will update soon when things get more interesting.

  2. Quick update: upgraded my cfls to the california lightworks 220w led lights. Bright is a understatement, kinda gave me a slight headache
    . IMAG1301.jpg
    But anyways, traded one of my c-99/harlequin with a c-99/blueberry from a friend. The c-99 mother is from my "rotten pineapple" mother crossed with his dj short blueberry, looking forward to the taste/smell from this one.
    Also moved my c-99/harlequin to it's final home in a 3 gal geopot. I'm a little worried i might of transplanted too early. I watered it with a potassium silicate/aloe vera solution hoping that would help the plant deal with the stress. So far it's been doing fine but I have my eye on it.
    IMAG1295.jpg IMAG1299.jpg
  3. Whats up, stoned nonsense! Im aggrowman. Nice to meet you. Lookin perty sweet up in here. Really curious about c99xharlequin. Sounds very interesting. Did you make this? Hope you dont mind if i sub up. Take care!

  4. What's up aggrowman, yeah this is my first time running it. Both plants came from a joey weeds c-99 mother that i fell in love with. i'm expecting good things from these plants.
    Update: I was in the hospital for a few days and had a friend watch my plant while I was gone. I came home and saw my plants looking pretty sick. The c-99xharlequin has been growing fine but has some slight yellowing on some of it's leaves.
    IMAG1337.jpg IMAG1339.jpg IMAG1335.jpg
    The c-99xblueberry doesn't looking look like it has grown much since I left. He transplanted it into a bigger pot, which i think might have caused the plant  some stress. It's also yellowing pretty bad. I'm guessing the soil ph is too high/some type of nute burn. I left him with a mixture of agsil/aloe vera and i think he might have overdone it. I watered with a barley tea when i got home, but i think i'm just gonna give it straight distilled water for a little while. IMAG1331.jpg
  5. I over did it with extras in my waterings as well. Straight water for me from now on til chop. Joey Weed c99? I heard good things about his c99. Wish i could have grown some out. I wasnt growing back then tho. Looking good, stoned. Be well,

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    i'm thinking now it might be a magnesium deficiency due to the excess potassium in the agsil? I think i'm gonna water with a molasses/ewc tea next time.
  7. Quick update: fixed my mag def. problem by foliar feed with epsom salt. I've also started using OG tea Veganic Special sauce with my barley SST and my plants have been responding pretty well.
    The C-99xharlequin is picking up pretty nicely. The leaves are starting to smell like grapefruit.
    The C-99 blueberry is growing VERY slowly. It hasn't grown much since the transplant. The OG tea def. did have a slight affect on their growth. I also think this plant might have more of an indica influence.
  8. I'm losing faith in this c-99xblueberry, I think it might just toss it. I still have a few seeds and a week before flowering so I think I'm going to experiment and run two more plants 12/12 from seed with coco in 2gal smart pots. Does anybody have any experience with organic coco? I don't think I have enough time to make an amended coco like I would like to so I'm trying to find a quality organic coco coir/hydroponic nute or a synthetic nute that won't kill my beneficial quicker than i can add them.
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    Update: I haven't had much time with my plants the last few weeks, been really sick.  But as promised, I did start my new coco coir grow in my tent. It's another c-99xblueberry this time from seed and a chocolope from DNA genetics. I'm using GH nutes with the h3ad formula.
    This is the new c-99xblueberry, about 4 days from germ. The first two leaves grew in kinda deformed but it's growing pretty fast.
    The chocolope is growing a lot slower. I accidentally knocked the cup over and the plant fell out, roots and all about 2 days after it popped. So far it doesn't look like it's dying or anything, so I think it should be fine.
    This is my c-99xharlequin, she's been neglected a lot but she's a very hardy plant. I pinched her top growth about a week ago so she's growing bushier every day. I still have this mag def. and a little bit of light burn going on but i think she's doing fine. A lot of the roots are starting to poke out the sides of the geopot so I think i'm going to put this plant in to flowering tommorow, it spent about 4 weeks in veg.
    My goal with this run is to lock in my indoor growing technique. I'm running those two new plants 12/12 from seed in coco to compare the yield and taste between that and my organic grow. If I can yield comparatively even with the new sprouts (with 3 weeks less veg time) and the organic c-99 while still getting decent quality and taste, i might just switch over to coco coir completely. I've been dealing with a fungus gnat (or at least i hope that's what it is) problem that i think starting over in a soilless medium can prevent.

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