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  1. I had an idea that I wanted to write down... Ok, have you guys heard of noise canceling headphones? Bose audio makes a set for 200.00. What it does is record whats going on around you, play the opposite sound waves through the headphones, and it cancels the noise out.. I tried a pair on in the airport, and they worked really well..
    Well my idea is if they can get speakers that can project sound as loud as a jet on an airplane. What if they applied this noise cancellation technology and blasted away the sound waves to cancel out the jets noise.. you could have a silent jet, couldn\'t you?
  2. :smoking:sounds gooD:smoking:
  3. or portable speakers for like 18 wheeler trucks. Imagine trucks and contruction equipment that just didnt make any noise. coool
  4. what if they could do that with light waves and sound waves at the same time. absolutely stealth. whoa
  5. That reminds me, back in highschool we were all smokin in front of a guys house alittle outside of the city in a smaller subcity, gettin drunk, just hangin out.

    About 4 in the morning we saw a Stealth Bomber. None of us could believe it but we were all seeing it so i know it was there. You could barely even hear it (it was as quiet as a new cadillac) and it seemed like it was flying so close to the ground, you could throw a baseball at it.

    (bare with me, I\'m blowed right now:))

    I\'m a little confused here but here\'s the other perspective!
    My dream bangins\'........

  6. that\'d be cool, but i dont think its possible to cancel out light waves....

  7. Woooooaaahhhh...

    That\'s almost as amazing as my T-shirt with the necktie that\'s not really a necktie cause it\'s painted on...
  8. yeah but those cloaks only work if yourl ike dead infront and cant the the camra and projecter :p lol

    \"hey look, theres a camera and a projecter in the street\"

    *two steps forward*

    \"ARGH where\'d you come from mate?\"
  9. there was this steath project it was called the philly project i think,they use 2 really powerfull magnets and a marige appers and then u cant see it,but it dissaperd and they couldnt find it about 10 mins later,the 200 ppl on bord were dead all but 8 men lived and they described it as timetravel,they went completly crazy or died like 8 months later
  10. heh about the light one.. imagine a flashlight that produces darkness............ great for thefts... hehe
  11. Well I have noise cancellation headphones (the earbud type) and they work, but they\'re nothing spectacular.

    So to answer your questions, no.
  12. I actually have quite a bit of information about this. My physics teacher is definately high all the time, so he thought this was amazing.

    They make it in devices other than headphones. A kid who graduated from my school last year had one in his room. You turn it on, and it produces sound waves which are completely out of phase with the sound waves being produced in the room, causing destructive interference, and producing no sound.

    Mercedes Benz have used this on their cars for a while, actually. They have them placed in the engine compartment, I believe, as well as around the outside of the car. The sound, or lack there of, I guess, is than introduced inside the vehicle, giving you an extremely quiet ride.

    Kinda off topic, my teacher was also telling us about a paint that absorbs radars from police radars, making your car impossible to be snagged for speeding. It\'s expensive, however, and I guess its an option for some cars in Europe and other countries. Not in the states yet.

  13. Cool Shit ;)
  14. about that stealth bomber thing,...we also were right under one, just after 2 am...neva heard a sound our stoned brain thought UFO! then remembered where we live and the millitary base thats close....then figured what the heck it was....wonder who there tryin to trick at that time of night.....sooo stealthy like.we\'da never saw it had it not been right on top of the right on top of was phucked-up! and just a liiittle scary!!

    im sure if ive heard about it ya\'ll know about those speakers that only produce sound to where theyre directed to.if your not in the sound direction then ya hear nothing.but if your in the \'wave\' you have chrystal clear sound. im suuure way old news
  15. wayyyyyyyy old news higha, geeze get with the times ;D :p

    *now youve gvien me a complex :p*

    So if that works for cars, then it actually could work for jet planes eh?
  16. i dunno about planes... cause ive seen those cars aswell, and if i remember rightly (probably not thought [​IMG];) ) it has some thing to do with the exaust... has a little built in speaker in the muffler and it plays back the sound waves to get rid of the noise.... so on a jet engine which has direct exhaust i doubt it would work.... but hell, its worth a try...
  17. how about with bongs? could be used as a stealth device for those living with parents, and then we can make something to neutralize the smell, like anti-smell waves or something :D ...

  18. ona breeze or somethin... i forget what its called..... although a small built in speaker in the bong to stob the load bubbles would be alright...

  19. 1. You\'d need a kick-ass sound system \'n that would be a bit too heavy

    2. To cancel the soundwaves, you\'d need a sound system that throws sound against the other source, so it couldn\'t be located the same place as the source

    They tested this on motorways in Germany. They recorded , then shifted the phase to the opposite, then threw it back at the motorway. Worked quite well. They don\'t need any walls on that part of the motorway to reduce noise pollution any more.

    Onemore thing...veen if you could erase waves from the engine by a system, there are several other sources of noise in a plane which couldn\'t be estinguished

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