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Discussion in 'General' started by screech, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. if i actually end up getting up earlier than usual, tomorrow i'm thinkin' of wake'n'baking before my yoga class. it's the first and only thing i have until like 4:00pm. yes?
  2. yoga? being stoned? you dont do this already? the level of concentration i would have while doing this would be divine.

  3. hahaha nope, it's a college course and i usually have class right after that i can't really be high for.

  4. eyes drops and a snack before always works for me cause the eye drops releaves eyes and food usually weres off some of the buzz i got when im stoned...
  5. yep!
    it's often hard to go to class high as i do a lot of science labs (i'm studying bio) and get fucking stupid clumsy when faded. having to transfer microscopic nematodes from petri dish to petri dish requires a good deal of precision, hahaha!
  6. no idea what your talking about but sounds boring.
  7. I love doing yoga high. You're more limber, concentrated, and it makes meditating very easy. Its a much more spiritual thing when you're high.
  8. aww, i just checked my email and my prof cancelled class! dang. next week, then.
  9. I love stoga (stones+yoga) I feel like my 3rd eye opens up and I can see into the future
  10. sounds like a waste of weed. id save it for after class.
  11. This is the best. Truly spiritual.
  12. i've got an elective two hour session on saturday that i think i'm gonna blaze for. right in the middle of finals, perfect way to de-stress

    hope it goes well :)
  13. i take yoga! ima a guy and go once a week its really hard and fast paced not at all what i thought yoga was gonna be like.

    my favorite thing though is a 20 oz red bull with one shot and a fat joint and then beating the shit out of a punching bag
  14. Defenitely will be a beautiful moment meditating :smoking::smoke:
  15. I highly recommend blazing in the woods and meditating whilst in nature. Bonus points if you can do it in front of some kind of river or creek. I always feel as if I learn something after a session like that
  16. you guys ever get high and do guided meditation? i love it a lot. there's a lot of good ones on youtube.

    i like to take a few bong rips, lie down comfortably, and do guided imagery. it's a really spiritual experience.

  17. What is this guided imagery you speak of? lol link please..
  18. Stoga I love it. I do Tai Chi stoned nothing relaxes you more especially when followed by a hot shower/soak in a hot tub.
  19. i like this one a lot:
    [ame=""]deep relaxation hypnosis[/ame]
    although his voice threw me off at first.
    do a search on youtube for "guided imagery" or "guided relaxation" or "guided meditation" and you'll find a goldmine!
    which videos do you guys like?

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