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Stoned Videogaming hookup thread!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jlear3, May 14, 2011.

  1. For me I play PC games only, I currently have gears of war (legit), cry2 (downloaded but can play multi just hit me up), portal 2, call of duty 4 (modern warfare 1), but I can get just about any game as long as it seems fun

    But please feel free to find other blades that play games you do and hit them up!!!

    ideally post what games you play, what console you use, and shit like that!
  2. We have a Video Game section (Gamer's Heartbeart), under Sports and Gaming Lounge.
  3. I'm diggin' the recent Operation Flashpoint, and the one before that (Dragon Rising). Red River is alright, but not nearly as cool as Dragon Rising was...Of course, then again, PC is becoming dumbed down to keep pace with the slower than usual console gamers...*snicker*
  4. #4 jlear3, May 14, 2011
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    its fuckin horrible, 2 5870s and nothing uses em at all lol

    THANKS I WAS Totally lost as to what that section was for.
  5. I don't even bother with 2 cards anymore, although I do have a 5870 in my PC right now...Love it too, not a fuckin' console in the world that can keep up with my PC, and I only needed one graphics card to kill them.

    My cousin says to wait until the PC gets into virtual reality, akin to Move or Kinect...PC is going to put consoles on their knees when that day comes.

  6. I can't wait! they think they know real gaming lol, just cuz they can't keep up with a mouse.... NOOBS
  7. All i have to say BF3.
    You every hear of eGO in cod4 and gaming? the clan eGO, people with big eGOs :D
  8. I vape while playing call of duty black ops n go 35-1 lol

  9. eGO sucks ass.:rolleyes:
  10. Jawnnay were you in eGO? Banned? Something or another?

  11. No, I played there and hated the rules and how people acted (10 year old kids on meth) so I bounced.
  12. Best PC videogame of all time (especially when high): Diablo II.

    Can't wait for D3 if it ever comes out!
  13. Quoted for truth

  14. Quoted for awesomeness.
  15. i usually don't post on here, just read. but i couldn't agree with this more, diablo 3 is coming out in late 2012 i've heard. :hello: if you haven't already check the diablo 3 website they got classes and videos and shit up
  16. COD: Black Ops multiplayer online for both PS3 and XBOX360.

  17. QFT. There's a reason the forum is divided into sections.

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