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Discussion in 'General' started by MorningTrip, May 3, 2006.

  1. Okay, so I smoked and listened to classical music last night like every other night, except last night when I was listening to the classical, I believe I started around 11:30pm. When I looked at my clock again, I saw that it was about 3:58am. That's right, the classical put me into a "stoned trance" for about 4 and a half hours. What's even worse, is both of the pot pies I cooked were cold and didn't get to eat them... what a shame.

    Anyone else ever been "out" like that before?
  2. how long did it seem? were you just thinkin about stuff for four hours, or do you not remember?

    the other night we were waiting for pizza and we ordered while we smoked and then played some mario kart and some other things. after what seemed over an hour we were like wtf and two of my friends went out to wait for them. after they left we checked to the cell to see when we called. it was at like 130AM and the time was then 150. we were its been 20 minutes!?!?!? and it suddenly made sense and we were like wtf. so we went to tell our friends it had only been 20 min and one of them said they accidentally hit redial 20 minutes ago and it had really been well over an hour! it was like 2 crazy realizations within 20 minutes. i know it probably doesnt make sense, but it blew my mind lol
  3. Haha, interesting story, but last night it felt as if I only listened to two or three compositions when it happened. I guess it will be another one of those tokin' mysteries.
  4. I had a really trippy experience with classical when i was a kid. I had a fever and fell asleep listening to classical, and watching local news where some bitch was talking about the costumes celebrities were going to wear to the upcoming academy awards.
    So I fell asleep, but when I woke up, I somehow thought I had STOLEN everyones costumes they were going to wear to the awards. IDK why I thought this, it was probably the fever, but in my head I was going "Wtf did I do, everyones gonna freak out when they find I stole they're costumes".
    So I rush to the phone and I tried calling my mom (i was about 9), but i couldnt remember her number. So I sit on the couch and notice the classical music. My emotions were totally following the music, the song was building up and building up, and I felt worse and worse, almost to the point of crying, then abruptly the song ended and just as abruptly I came to. I was like " wtf did I just trip about?"

    edit: I love you're sig morning trip.

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