Stoned thoughts written down.

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  1. grabed some awesome bud, got wrecked and decided to type every thing i was thinking, this is the out come. its not edited you will see why. (song i was listening too

    i wrote alot more but forgot to save and turned off the pc. the ending i had was awesome. I wrote this while i was on my fav combo.
  2. theres threads like this lol, search option is your friend.
  3. to be a must first become a be a crotch... you must first taste the salty tones of desire stains...go on...lick some be a crotch...
  4. Once., I was high as hell and went to lay down. While listening to Rosetta Stoned by Tool I had this thought;
    If we can see galaxies.. and we don't know what's in them.. IF there is life somewhere in space., the aliens would have to either be smarter or dumber than us... if they had the same intelligence., they have no reason to exist. If they're dumber., we have nothing to worry about. but if they are more advanced technologically than us., then their telescopes have to be able to see Earth.. and maybe even hack into our satellites...

    and the thought went on and on.

    I concluded with the realization that no one is open minded enough to even IMAGINE what COULD be out there. I think everything is possible somewhere., because we will never truly grasp the concept.[:
  5. Wow I suddenly got the uncontrollable urge to hang myself thanx to the OP.
  6. [ame=]Family Guy - When you poop in your dreams , you poop for real ! - YouTube[/ame]
  7. Wtf are you smokin haha
  8. When I first started blazing it was mostly by myself and I would literally go blaze outside come back in and lay down in my bed and pop some music on and it was so intense for like 20 mins sometimes I had to write down whole things like this to express what I was thinking like because I know I would never be able to explain it to myself the way I was processing what was going on. I've only done this on one other occasion after a 3 week t break lol it's really unexplainable OP will probably know what I mean even some of those things I just read remind me exactly the thought process I had. Crazy shit.

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