Stoned thoughts in the morning...

Discussion in 'General' started by Tweech's Zone, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. While playing with the pups after my morning wake-n-bake, I heard a 'news' story on CNN that there was another suicide bombing somewhere Over There where they do that suicide bombing sort of thing (didn't catch the location). It was a twin bombing... two suicide bombers together... but they were the only ones killed in the bombing...!

    Not being the least bit worried about this becoming political or sounding politically incorrect, my thought was, "How sad that these fuckers gave their lives, but will never know that they failed in their objective... stupid fucks can't do anything right."

    I'm sure this stems from childhood events involving my dad's disappointment that I wasn't as athletic as he'd hoped I'd be. I was a nerd... I knew it... he knew it. One time when I came home with a report card showing all A's except for the glaring C in Phys Ed, his response was, "Geez, ya' can't even play right!"

    And somehow I connect the two thoughts... it was funny when I thought about it... not so sure now... :D :cool:
  2. that really is sad that they gave their lives and did not accomplish anything. maybe they did though. maybe they did do exactly what they wanted to do: end their lives in the name of God and God's wishes in order to go home and be accepted by him. if this is what they absolutely believed while they were preparing and when they did this..then this was the last thing that crossed their mind and their goal was accomplished. now whether or not their spirit is actually with God now we can not know, but their lives ended with the belief it was going to happen, and in a way it did to them.

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