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Stoned thoughts for ya"ll

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. I suddenly realised that I have been a member at the city for a year and four months.

    I was sitting here a bit stoned (off my ass) and thought I'd say a couple of words..

    I hope my time here has been valuable to the people of the city in one way or another.

    I would like to think i have brought some humor the the site as well as advice and just plain goodness.

    To all you people out there who know me and desperately LOVE me................I feel that ya'll are a part of my family..

    Not to get to mushy............I want to wish everyone fanfuckingtastic Christmas and New Years.

    I hope you get EVERYTHING you want for Christmas.

    I hope next year to be the best year that ya'll could ask for.

    Peace, Love and Plenty of MJ to ya all!
  2. BH, this just made my night. I was having it rough for a little while and got a chance to check out my buds in the city, and you have just totally lifted my spirits. I love seeing this kind of lol, mushy stuff once in a while. it really does remind me of all the kind* people out there and you* are especially one of them! I hope you and everyone as well does have a fantabulous xmas, holiday, and happy new year!!!
  3. critter, I love you.

  4. Hahahahahahaalolhahahahaha

    I didn't expect that my friend lol.

    I love ya'll!
  5. I'm heading to a couple of parties this weekend but want to toast all my friends here first.

    So here goes (and try to picture a very inebriated, red-eyed BPP standing under the misteltoe hollering out loud)

    "They say a person shouldn't lie, or steal, or smoke.

    That's what 'They' say.

    BUT, this is what I say.

    If you must lie, lie down beside the one you love.

    If you must steal, steal time.

    And if you must smoke, then come smoke with me!!!!"

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  6. stoned thoughs are the most clearest thoughs u will ever have as they are not poisoned by reality

  7. HIGH All, well right back at ya Bud Head and All... Have a fanfuckingtastic Christmas and New Years.

    Yes it's been two years knowing some of you and I wouldn't have it any other All are the BEST.

    Have A Great Weekend All.
  8. Critter your humor is greatly appreciated!
  9. Yes indeed..........I do hope everyone has a wonderful christmas and an even better New Years because everyone around here truly deserves it!!

    ****But please be safe this holiday season because the law will be out in full force........and I'm telling you, jail fucking sucks!!!! LOL

    But seriously..........may all your dreams come true and may the pot god slip something good under the tree for each and everyone of you!!!!!!!!!
  10. pot god


    good one

    i belive in the pot god!
  11. On February 13th, it will be 2 years for me!!!! YAY!!! Mushiness isn't my thing so much but, damn, I love you guys!!! I really do! :)

    I hope everyone has a kick ass cool Christmas and that the New Year rocks for all of you!

    Enjoy today, enjoy tomorrow and stay high forever...that's simple enough!!!!

    *SMOOCHES* for everybody!!!
  12. Congrads RMJL on two years!

    I likes the smooches! I hope before long to smoke your ass out........That will be one of my New Years resolutions idf it doesn't happen befoer then! LOL

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