Stoned Theory on Origin of 'Chinese Eyes'

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  1. Hey there people, although ive quit smoking the gank for a month or 2 for certain reasons, i thought of this theory whilst stoned out of my nut.

    Now, I personally believe that the Chinese are descendents of the desert people that are known as modern day Mongolians. They were a race of people who thrived and survived very well in the Central Asian deserts. The West of China is still covered in this same desert terrain and climate. Now, this desert in Central Asia is known for having a high frequency of dust storms and usually has extremely windy conditions, naturally due to the areas low lying relief.

    If you are a group of people, living in a desert like this, hunting and survival will be made extremely difficult due to the constant sweeping waves of sand, disrupting visibility and not exactly making life any easier. Therefore, I believe through the theory of 'Natural Selection' Those people who had the more characteristic 'Chinese Eyes' would have faired a lot better in these conditions, as these eyes would give the eyeballs some effective cover from the sand, therefore abiding by natural law those who did not have this biological advantage would have died out which is why in modern day China and other countries where the people have inhabited, all have these herditary features.

    Now, I thought this was a possible truth but my theory was further confirmed when I looked at the Eskimo people. Have you ever noticed, these Eskimo people could in no way have come from the Chinese as they are simply too far wide spread and there is no modern day or historical evidence that they were from the Chinese race. And yet, the Eskimo also have extremely similar eye structures to the Chinese, which I believe has come from living in very similar conditions to the Ancient Chinese in the deserts but with the Snow instead of the sand.

    Although the only thing that disproves my theory is why the Saudi and other Arab races do not have similar eyes, even though they also lived in very harsh desert conditions. I believe this is because the Arabs are a more nomadic race, simply working on protecting themselves and moving to different areas whereas the Chinese stayed and developed certain areas.

    Thanks for listening, I know its a long theory sorry but I'd like to hear your views on this, I got more stoned theories I'll post later. thanks.
  2. Wow bro, Thats sweet. Deff something i never thought up before.
  3. Ya man i like your theory. It obviously had to do with living conditions and what you said sounds pretty straight.
  4. that does make sense....
  5. Uhm, actually, there is. For more information, go here:

    The summary?
    There used to be a land bridge connecting alaska and siberia. People came to the americas by crossing this bridge. Some stayed north (these became th innuits, or eskimos), and some traveled south (becoming the native americans), and some traveled WAY south, to mexico and so on.

    Yeah, when you look at the traditional map, with alaska waaay over at the left, and china waaaay over at the right, it seems like it would be too far, but in actuality, they're pretty close together.

    direct quote from article: "The Bering Land Bridge is significant for several reasons, not least because it enabled human migration to the Americas from Asia about 12,000 years ago"
  6. what about japanese? they were in japan without deserts for thousands of years. maybe from trade and stuff? what about indians? they are believed to have come from asia as well...
  7. thats the actual reason, we talked about it in anthropology one year. the reason isn't just for the desert but also for the giant steppes that that are over there cuz the wind is pretty serious there too.
  8. ah right, didnt know that iron cloth, thanks for pointing that out, and yeh to the others bringing arguments against this theory, obviously i am no scientist, im just a guy in a chair with a zoot in his hand lol so unfortunately i cant answer ure questions.
  9. i did a pretty big research paper on post-WWII japan, and i had to read some early ass japanese history... and wouldnt you know my stoned ass forgot it all hahah
  10. man damn mongolians went everywhere back in the day. they went to sweden down through russia and germany. japanese are on an island, they came from korea below mongolia. mongolians invaded china around 1000 ad. even before then though man they were on a rampage witth their horses and wicked big swords. that is why you see so many people have the inner part of the eye slant down a little. because of the genetic crossbreeding. they say mongolians have the purest genes, you know without flaws. i have seen sexy swedish girls have it. all came from mongolians. very first large invading group.
  11. brilliant. while we will never know if its true, it SOUNDS real enough to be legit. i will definately remember to use that as a line when im on a date and I want to sound intelligent and not a stoner... wait
  12. lol, dairy man ure gonna sound like a serious stoner if u start chattin bout this. Yeh im Iranian and we've descending originally from the Aryan race, the same as the Mongolians and as you pointed out, Swedish and other modern day Scandinavians, the Aryans were one of the most effective ever races, adapting and surviving brilliantly, this is what seperated them from other races, they could live in areas they weren't built for, and this is why they are all so widely adapted.

    I had another thought today, possibly one of the reasons for Chinese and other orientals having small statures is also due to wind, as being large doesnt exactly help in windy conditions.
  13. you can always count on the iranian guy to go on some, "yeah we're descended from the aryans, best race ever" bs.
    Gimme a break
  14. Mongols lived on great planes, a nomadic people with a strong bond between man and horse. Conditions of great wind selected the characteristic, man utilized it to become one with the horse.
  15. This thread is from fuckin 2006...

  16. [​IMG]
  17. I am Native American, and me and my sister get mistaken for being part-Asian all the time. Most of the people in my tribe have slightly 'slanted eyes'.

  18. Thats because it is generally accepted that native Americans are descendants of the asian people.
  19. my mom and dad are both haitian.. my dad side of the familly all the men have similar Chinese eyes... me and my 2 older brothers also inhabit this trait.. we seem to be like our own race because we aqre dark skinned with Chinese eyes.. here is a pic of me and some friends... [​IMG]
  20. well fuck

    [ame=]YouTube - Devendra Banhart - Chinese children[/ame]

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