Stoned story telling

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  1. I always tell storys when stoned af
  2. My first tail is the tail of 2 hobits
  3. cool story bro.
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    There once was a hobit that lived in a hole in a hill his name was bimbo saggins he was strange for a hobbet allways in his study working in what hobbits called world jumping. All the hobbits in the land did it thay would puff there pipes and be mary all day but mr saggins was more than an aprintes toker he made potiones for mushrooms and old weat and the magical flowers that thay all smoked to be inlighted at the time. And in his convictions he found other land were light ran like water and the holes twiseted and swayed like trees.
  5. On one fate full day mr saggins reseved 2 new ingredients bark from the roots of the confusa tree and seeds of rue. Eager to try them out bimbo made a potion of them a sort of thick tea and called over his good frend ratigast a wizard of the woods to go to this new plane with him. Bimbo and ratigast drank the tea and sat wating to arrive in this new world after about 30 min bimbo looked over at ratigast and to his surprise he had been transformed into a young man. The man looked at him and proclaimed 'we best be off on the adventur ' and bimbo wasent in the state of conchesness to protest so thay packed food and magic grass and were off.
  6. As thay walked aimlessly in the wood the man explained that thay must go and slay the necromaser of the dark forest for thay had been chosen by Gandalf to do so. The man handed bimbo a short steel dager to defend himself with. As thay were walking for the dark wood thay came across the strages thing men made of pure light frolicking in the forest but as thay aproched the man exlamed tiyx and the creators attacked him striping him to nothing but a witherd corps but bimbo grabed his dagger and stabed a tyx In its throught and it droped dead evaperating into air the rest scated into the forest. Bimbo sat and began smokeing some of the magic grass to sooth his nerves and as he exhaled the smooke it gather by his compayon seeping into him like mana he began to return to his normal look and soon revived... to bee continued
  7. Do u guys like the story so far ?
  8. its Aiiiiight

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  9. Just as long as you pass the blunt BEFORE you start, I won't mind :p
  10. I have to force myself to shut up when I'm high lol I'll start telling one story and by the time I'm done I have no idea where I was going with it lol

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