Stoned Soul (Funk,Soul,R&B,Jazz,Fusion,Rock,Classic Hip Hop,Psychedelia)

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    Featuring Coolio, Yo-Yo, Shaquille O'neil, Luniz, Chaka Khan & Charlie Wilson (From The Gap Band)
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  2. damn this thread got going after me & the OP kept posting :laughing:
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  3. LOL, man I always wanted to have my own radio show, lifelong collector, I have a blast doing shit like this waaayy too much fun. Thanks for the help getting it moving. ride on
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  4. No worries man i like hearing other peoples music/sharing music I dig:passing-joint:
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    Stoners rule the music world that's just how it goes, Music is gonna fucking EXPLODE once the weed is completely legalized worldwide, its gonna be insane!!
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  6. "It's cheaper to Funk than it is to pay attention...."
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  7. Sampled by Notorious BIG in "Sky's The Limit"
    From Bobby Caldwell's Legendary album "What You Won't Do For Love"
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