Stoned sayings.

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  1. Alright, well about a week or two back, 6 or 7 of us we're out chilling in my friends garage kickin' back havin' a session. Being the Blade that I am, I was all baked and asked "So.. what's ya'll favorite icecream?" instantly, Matt, whom is a pretty messed up, yet funny guy, responds "NAPOLEAN!" .... :rolleyes: .."Matt.. what the hell is Napolean ice cream?" ... then we all went into a half hour long debate on what the hell it was called. We couldn't figure it out untill finally someone said NEOPOLITAN! ... Yeah, it seems a bit dumb now, but it's only somthing a bunch of STONED stoners could come up with.. Napoleon ice cream haha.

    Anyone else have any stoned sayings/mishaps?

  2. ..friend said 'ill get a brother with my job (instead of job with my brother)' and i said 'ill chris at crashs house (instead of crash at chriss house' haha .. if thats waht u mean?
  3. Yeah, I do that shit all the time. I got pulled over when my alternator died on my car, and I was all ripped, and the sheriff asked me whats wrong with my car and im like "The car blew up"... (and i cracked up a bit), then he asked me and my friend for our ID's, and I gave them to him and he's like "I'll be right back".. he came back and he's like "Do you need any help with your car" (fuck no, we were JUST hot boxing in it), then he goes "oh, nevermind, I see you have a cellphone, are you going to call someone" .. and I tried avoiding looking at him due to my cashed eyes and said "yeah, my coming is called" ... it was the single most fucked up sentance that i have ever tried saying to a cop.. he just looked at me and said "Alright, have a good night" and left, heh.

  4. O.K. true fucking story dude! My wife and I are cooking diner and she is at the cabinet asking me what I want. I was like what ever man, B/c i was cooking the chops. She says to me " Well there is carrots, potatoes, peas, corn" I stopped her right there and said "lets eat some peas and corn but put that shit together and make PORN" get it P>O>R>N peas W/ corn HAHAHA still makes me laugh. JOE>
  5. LOL, that was a good one Joe, I never even though of that.

  6. That cracked me up.
  7. officer I swear to drunk im not god
  8. lol any1 seen the Bloody Mary episode of south park??

    Randy Marsh: dont worry boys i can handle this i kno wat im doing
    **cop taps on window...**

    Randy: What seems to be the officer problem?
  9. i cant talk str8 for shit when im stoned i rember one time i came inside n i said i gotta blow my hair instead of sying nose no-1 heard it but me no-1 was around but i knew i was pretty ripped at that point n when i get nervous forget it one time i got home n my mother goes to my put the ride or w/e she said i responded with i already did my homework she goes what u say lmfao then i asked her what she asked me cuz i had forgotten by then wow moments.......lmfao then after i leave as im walking to my room i start cracking.
  10. I just like to say "fuckin" alot when I'm stoned...
  11. im not as look as i drunk. im not as think as you high i am.
  12. LOL Exactly what I was just thinking about.
  13. I love the word mix ups, i remember one time my friend and i went on for like an hour talking like that. Another thing i have happen is that ill be in a really in dpeth convo with someone and then someone else will say something and i forget what we were talking about, like one time it took us 4 hours to get to taco bell cuz we kept on forgetting we were talking about going

  14. Last weekend, I was riding around with 3 of my friends and we were passing the joint. One of them made a smart ass remark and I was like "Fuck the shut up!" (instead of shut the fuck up..)
  15. One of my friends does that lol

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