stoned revelations

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. we all smoke weed. weed is what we live for. we need weed.

    we x need = weed

    do the math, you need weed!!
  2. He's right! Do the math.
  3. Lol, it would be a hard life without our sweet herb. :D
  4. Yall sound like addicts.

  5. ...point being?
  6. (we + cash x need + bong)/police = weed

    we + lots of cash x blunts + feeling down x friends / cops = weed²


    makes you wonder why i always failed math...?

  7. haha, that made me laugh a bit.. but yes, without checking his work, it seems pretty accurate...

  8. wouldnt you want to subtract cops instead of divide? we need to find a final formula for this...
  9. well i figure the cops effect the whole equation by taking lighter weed and bong/pipe... hahah

    (we x need + bong + lighter - cash)/police = weed

    weed + marley x car + munchies - cash = bliss!

    now class, weed divided by friends multpilied by a bong plus a lighter gives us what?? thats right! laughing! and threads like this...

    extra credit what is cosin of 4pi x weed to the ³ ?

    if you said stoned, you are right!
  10. Wow, this thread made me even more stoned than I already am....
  11. I don't need weed, but it sure as hell makes life a lot more interesting. Hell, it's all I want to spend my money on, that and food, bills, and rent, of course.

    I hate math by the way.
  12. hahahaha, i dont mean i NEED WEED!

    i just need some weed man. you know what i mean. hahaha.

    weed + math = :confused:

    as every highschool student here should know very well :D

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