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stoned question...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dan k, May 18, 2010.

  1. so heres my theory... im no expert but im pretty sure at least most of it is correct.

    you only absorb the thc from the smoke that is touching the membrane in the wall of your lungs, this is then absorbed into the blood which carries it to the brain for your thc and cbn receptors in about a minute usually.

    now this is the part that im not sure on

    if you exhaled every hit slowly through your nose, would the more thc be absorbed by the thin layer in the back of your nose and be transfered into your blood and directly to your brain getting you higher(absorbing it twice, from your lungs and nose) and faster(going directly to your brain)?
  2. i was always told that if you hold the smoke in for 3-5 seconds, you'll get most the thc out of the smoke
  3. but not if that part of the smoke dosent touch the wall of your lung
  4. tbh i dont think it would do anything if you blow smoke out your nose.
  5. People have told me if you exhale through your nose you get higher...
  6. i honestly don't think you would get higher, i mean i've done it and haven't felt a substantial difference. but it's good logic though.

  7. wall of your lung? lungs are like sponges, not baloons. i thought the same thing and asked my dad and he told me that. i hate to sound like an asshole but to guve him credibility he works for a cardiovascular medical product engineering company. he has been in many operating rooms during open heart surgery and im pretty sure he would know what hes talking about. again i really hate to sound like the asshole braggin about his daddys job, but i just wanted to make sure u guys know im not (and hes not) just talkin out of his ass

    smoke the herb allatim!!
  8. You don't get higher per se but it hits you quicker. When I smoke a blunt or joint and I french inhale I definitely feel the effects quicker because of it going over the membrane in the nose and transferring it to the brain.
  9. Pretty much all the air in the lungs is in contact with the membrane of the lung at some point. Together, the lungs have approximately 70 metres squared of membrane in 300-500 million alveoli (little air sacs) according to wikipedia; and if you think about how much air you inhale (around 5L in a big breath or 0.005 metres cubed). Then consider that the molecules of the air are in constant motion so pretty much over the 1-5 seconds or whatever that you hold it in, you're bound to be getting all the THC (but of course I have no way to verify that).

    So to answer the question, I don't think you would get any higher ... but who knows really
  10. #10 dan k, May 18, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 18, 2010
    okay so does anyone else think it makes you higher faster?
  11. If you get higher faster though, it wont be as chronic..
  12. Learn to french inhale.
  13. i think it does. i have heard it from a lot of people . and i do it every now and then and it def makes it hit faster and better in my opinion
  14. Agreed, it provides a nice placebo affect for me either way.

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