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Stoned Pizza Delivery... Anyone Got Crazy Stories?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Cheeto Jones, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. The baked pizza delivery order... we all know it.

    Getting super medicated and then ordering some badass food to be DELIVERED to you.  What could be better?
    But I'm wondering if anyone has crazy pizza person stories.. because I have two and I can't believe these things happen with so many pizza delivery drivers?

    So, first one:

    I'm at my friend's house... he is this awesome, successful, wealthy guy living in this giant house.  It has this really steep and long driveway, and there's a super deep ditch on both sides for about 2 feet.  We were having this awesome blunt session in his living room, and decided to order Papa Johns.  We ordered two large pizzas and TOLD the person on the phone to make sure the delivery driver knew to be careful backing out of the driveway because there's a ditch you can roll into, and to just walk to the door on the walkway if they didn't want to risk it.

    So we roll up another blunt and smoke it and see the pizza guy drive up.  He pulls into the driveway really fast.  We answer the door still smoking the blunt and get the pizzas.  The guy gets in the car and blasts this "pop punk" music and backs out REALLY fast... and goes straight into the ditch.  His back wheels fall off and his car falls back.  He's still able to get out of his door, but his car is completely stuck and damaged.  We went back inside and finished the blunt and pizza after making sure he wasn't injured and that our property wasn't damaged.

    The second one:

    The same friend and I are at my house, on my back porch taking bong hits and watching TV at night.  I have this huge LCD on my back porch, and it's a screened in porch.  Couches and everything.

    Anyway, right before the session I made a pizza order with Papa Johns... AGAIN.  I did this one online and included my phone number and under "special delivery instructions" I put "Please CALL my cell phone when the driver arrives."

    So I'm expecting to get a phone call, and can pass through the house and grab the pizza from the front door, then head back out.  WELL, they ignored my comment and came to the front door and of course I couldn't hear them.  So they walk around my house, THROUGH my yard, into my back yard and see me so they come up to the porch and said:

    "No one was answering the front so I assumed you were back here!"

    It was a 30 year old woman, and she starts walking up the stairs to my porch and sees my 3 bongs and 3 jars of weed, and FLIPS OUT, in a bad way.

    "OKAY, you cannot call a Papa Johns delivery driver out to a place where there are open drugs, we go through a course on these things and this is a safety violation, so to follow Papa John guidelines I have to leave without finishing the transaction and have the store reverse the charge on your card."

    I am lost for fucking words.  I go OFF:

    "Excuse me, you are walking into my back yard on private property when I specifically told you all on my order to CALL me when you arrive.  I am going to film this right now and send it to Papa Johns corporate office, I'm not putting up with this shit."

    She starts going off all sarcastically as she's walking off.

    The store of course knows about it since they had to reverse the charge, and guess what!  Their manager called me and personally apologized and said my next order would be free!

    Let's just say I always do carryout now.
  2. well, this isnt too much like yours, but this one time my sister, my aunt, & i were all high asf ( my aunt was drunk as well ) so we were all like "shit! lets order pizza!!" & so they made me call Pizza Hut & so i was trying to talk to them, but i couldnt do it, so i gave the phone to my sister & she was doing good till they asked the address, we were just visiting my aunt, so we didnt know her address, ANYWHO she was way too wasted to say anything, so we hung up & we called them mfs like 10 times omg & we just ended up ordering it online & finding her address on her mail. i asked them to draw an animal on the box, but they didnt.. they probably knew we were stoned asf. :smoking:
  3. I ordered pizza from dominos one time. It was taking ages to be delivered and as we were about to ring them they phoned us.

    The manager said the pizza would take an extra 45 mins to get there as the delivery guy had fallen off his moped.

    I wasnt even pissed off cos it was so funny :)
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    Ordered a pizza one time. Douchebag saw the bong and asked for hit or "he'd have his manager call the cops on us." I tossed the money at him, took my pizza, and told him not to deliver to my house again. Gave him a 50¢ tip

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  5. Lol OP, that second delivery driver was such an asshole and a hypocrite. It is completely against policy to walk into someone's house, especially without explicit instructions to do so. I'm happy you told that bitch off, I would have tried to get her fired (and it sounds like that may have been your intention as well).
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    If you have a problem with something, report it...period...
    Calling out the mods on the open forums is not the way to go...
    If you have a problem with the way something was moderated, PM the mod, a super mod, or the site admin...don't start trying to mod bash on the open just creates unnecessary drama...
    Now...let's try to stay on topic, shall we?
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    And the Internet is a place where you'll meet the nicest people, the meanest people, and then some people just like poking fun with no malicious meaning behind it. You're reading written text, so you can't really be sure how someone is saying something. I've sent text messages to my boss before that were meant as jokes, but he took them seriously. Sarcasm is tricky on the Internet
    No problem, man. I gotcha :smoke:
    EDIT: I'll stay on topic. I used to be a pizza delivery driver. I delivered to someone's house one time, and immediately the smoke billowed out of the door and hit me in the face. They invited me in for a smoke, but I had three more deliveries to make :(
  8. This was Jimmy John's, but I got a sandwich delivered. I packed a bong before he got there. I'm like yo you toke? He goes maybe and I'm like "your tip's inside" and he hits it and he was still coughing as he got into his car.

    Not the best or most exciting, but something.

    I currently live in a small town where everyone knows everyone and stuff. A few people who work at the local pizza joint have told me that my address is synonymous with weed.

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  9. I'm actually a pizza driver lol. My stoned story is I delivered to a guy one time, and he invited me in to chat and smoked me out some dank ass green. Then after we talked about his fish tank for a while, he tipped me twelve bucks, and gave me his number if I ever wanted to get weed off him hahahah. Probably my best tip ever too!
  10. One of my mates' dad owned a place called Chicken Hut and my mate sold weed from there, we'd get it delivered to one of our mates' shed with £20 bags of bud in the food boxes. He got caught after a few months and his dad sent him off to Pakistan, never spoke to him since.
  11. Not really a "crazy" story but I had just got done smoking a j one night so I ordered some dominos, when the pizza came to the door I opened it and immediately the girl with the pizza had this face on [​IMG] and said "I know what you're doing in there" she then walked away laughing 

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    Not delivery story, but me and my friend went to get some fastfood and after ordering we both just froze there blitzed out of our minds EXACTLY SAME TIME so there was nobody to "wake us up" (There were people behind us in the line waiting for us to move too :D
    Another story.. i went to the same place alone and when i picked the Food they said have a nice meal and i accidentally answered "thanks, you too" :lol::lol:

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    Double post, sorry
  14. :D
  15. Those were awesome stories OP, I can't believe she went in your backyard... if that happened to me I would have called the corporate office and get a lot of compensation, but you got your money back so it's all good.
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    I was at skatopia on the bowl bash weekend and someone ordered a pizza. Anyway when dude got there people started telling him to take his truck around the track, which had jumps. He said no he had to make more deliveries. After some coaxing he finally did it and he flipped his truck. He started freaking out so 20 people or so helped him flip his truck back. He managed to drive away but I don't know how fucked his truck was. I just sat in the distance and laughed my ass off drunk on pabst blue ribbon and baked on hash.
  17. New here... Anyways me and two friends stopped by a little Caesars right after hotboxing 2 dank blunts in my friends car. We were on our way to buy nba2k15 so all I had was a $100 bill. My 2 friends pay for their $5 pizzas then I go to pay for mine. We were on a rough side of town and the mid 20s colored girl behind the counter kinda smiled and winked when I handed her a $100 and then acted like she was sniffing the air. She then smiles and laughs and says, "smelling a little fruity, I know what you boys been up too" I could immediately feel my face turn red and then I explained that I was on my way to buy a $60 video game so that's why I had a brand new $100 bill. She then laughed some more and said, " oh okay sure little boy, but you think i could get your number so my boy could grab a quad?" I then laughed and told her I don't sell and left with my pizza and change lol.

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