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Discussion in 'Pets' started by tokintilchokin, Nov 11, 2001.

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  1. I dunno...maybe it\'s my age or love for my pets, but it seems kind of mean to get an animal high. The reason being is that they have no idea what is happening to them.
    When I was a teen my sis and I used to get our cats high...after awhile the cats became afraid of us everytime we lit up...poor things, used to run and hide under the bed so we couldn\'t get to them.
  2. In my opinion getting your pet high is wrong. Number one we have no way of knowing if they like it and number two their physiology is different than ours. I had a friend once who used to put his kitten in a paper bag and blow bong hits into it. Let me just tell you, that cat is now the meanest and most psychotic cat i\'ve come across in my life.

    Peace, love, and ganja!
  3. it seems pretty obvious to me that alot of people here have been, or know people who have been getting pets high but with little regard for the rights fo the animal. I\'m all for gettting your pets stonned with yas, just as long as you are not partaking in any cruelty to animals.
    DONT put a cat in a bag to blow smoke at it!
    DONT hold your dog\'s (or other pet\'s) head when it is clearly trying to pull away!
    And this idea of the special smoking hood that corey has... that is something that could be abused.
    If your pet comes to you for the smoke, treat them as you would a friend and give.

    First time i ever gave weed to my cat, i just blew the smoke towards her... didn\'t hold her, didn\'t force her, didn\'t give her too much. From then any time she got high was when she wanted to. My other cats didn\'t like it so i didn\'t give them any. simple as.

    I never tried getting my hamster high... and i don\'t recommend anyone else try getting such small animals high either.

  4. Once I got my dog high, she freaked. I got my cat high she freaked. My friend got a mouse high it died. Damn Eric for killing Lucky. Rule of thumb only smoke your animals up if they are either
    A) over 5 pounds
    b) and friendly

    smokey Mcpot keeping animals alive
  5. I tell you, don\'t waste your dope on animals, send it all to me and I\'ll act all stupid and shit, walk into walls, fall down stairs, or basicly do anything that you would find funny.
    After all, free dope is free dope and I\'ve looked like a fool for less.
    I\'ll make you a deal as well, send me your dope and on every second shipment I\'ll send you back a video tape of me being foolish.
    After all, if it\'s a laugh you\'re after, I could give you a hand.
  6. I do that!!! Me and my two kittens (cats) kitten sounds kooler. But i give them cheater hits and they get all fucked up. Me and my GF laugh our asses off. =)

  7. I have a cat who LOVES to get high...I have been giving him dope for like 10 years...he never freaks..just chilling.
  8. one of my ex gfriends used to try to get my one eyed python high. never did much fer the snake \'cept make him spit.

    pretty lame forcing smoke on an animal. my 80# Weim just enjoys a good contact. kinda funny, we i run out i jones fer both of us.
  9. I\'ve experienced animals that have really enjoyed it and animals who don\'t. All I have to say is that if your animal enjoys it (primarily dogs) they\'ll be in your face licking away as you exhale.

    It\'s pretty easy to tell if an animal enjoys the experience. I won\'t bother saying anything about not forcing it on the animals, as many others have already leapt at the opportunity.
  10. I\'ve heard that if you blow smoke in a dog\'s ear it will get them high, but it may just be a rumor
  11. i had 2 cats who did not like smoke in there faces
    but every time we fired it up they came runing in the room
    and would sit 3 to 5 feet away and expect you to blow them hits they liked the distance cus they could get the buzz without haveing the smoke burn there nosis as much
  12. I have a little pug..shes about 20 lbs. This dog is a nut regularly...i wanna get her blazed just once. I think i will this weekend
  13. Man I love to get High with my pets as well My friends get high with their pets.

    Honestly, The very time I gave my cat a hit I did hold his face, but that\'s only because he obviously didn\'t know what the hell I was doing and just saw the blunt in my mouth smoke rising from the tip. After that one time though he would cry at the door when he smelled us smoking in the other room. once you let him in he\'ll follow the joint around the room (when smoking with friend) just to get the exhale of ther hits. He really loves Shotguns though, I think it\'s because that was what he started on.
    The same pretty much goes for my other pets. I don\'t chase them around at the least they come and gather around for the contact high. At their worst they beg for it like my cat.

    Shotgun is when you flip the joint or blunt (better with the blunt) while it\'s lit, cherry in your mouth enclosed by your lips and you blow through the cherry and the rest of the unsmoked blunt and into the reciever (usually the one who asks for a shotgun). The reciever just stand there and takes a normal hit of the smoke billowing out of the rear end. It\'s a really really good hit and this process will get you FUCKED UP
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