Stoned out of my mind

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  1. I havent been smoking very long, but ive had two really crazy experiences... from what I hear im a super lightweight

    The first time, the kid claimed to have headies. We all smoked and I only took 4-5 hits out of a bowl. It took about 3 minutes for the effects to kick in and when they did I was totally out of my mind. One of my friends said he wasent even close to high and I was like whhhhattt the fuuucckkk is going on, and he took the car back up to his parents house to chill the whole situation while we waited in the woods. While the 3 of us remaining in the woods waited for him to come back, we heard a dog barking and all seriously thought it was a cop dog that smelt the pot in the dense forest. We were freaking the fuck out and I was so high I thought there was helicopters and shit coming for us. I got out of my chair and looked around, as I was the world around me was animating itself into a cartoon world. If I looked into a spot to long it would become cartoon and animate itself, and if I looked away then looked back it would still be there, like it was permanently embedded like that on the cognitive map in my mind. I could clearly see the line between actual reality and the cartoon world dividing itself. Then I got up hearing the dog again and looked at a section of the "cartoon world" and saw a path, I instantly thought I was robin hood waiting in the woods and either hallucinated (idk if I can call it that since im not sure if you can hallucinate on pot) or mentally visualized wagons and knights coming down this road, my body being in a crouched position ready for the attack. All my friends were like "dude what the fuck are you doing?" and they said I replied like "waiting for the men not to see me". Right after that (might have been longer cause I was baked) I heard "I heard there were some boys down here smokin" and im freaked out and was about to book it through the woods thinking it was a cop and he was going to beat me with a nightstick. I saw a cop clear as could be, black suit, badge, hat, come over a hill, and got up and started to run. Someone said "where are you going?" and I looked back and there was no cop... Turns out it was just my friend, but that freaked me out so much. Also there was no hill, the whole place was flat so I don't know what happened there either

    Second insane experience, I was with some friends and we had like 3 joints or something... I took 4 hits out of it and was freaking out. We were in someones back yard and I saw a cat and thought it was a bear... and the trees I thought to be extremely tall lily pads . When I looked at people I saw a face attached to a blank body, and thought people looked really crazy at the time. I walked back to the car and sat in the drivers seat, closed my eyes and tranced out. I thought about peoples inner souls and thoughts, and tried to make my body react in any way I wanted to. I could make any part of my body get cold, burn, hurt and thought I was God for doing so. I then tranced out and imagined a giant spinning top, with a meter going up to the top measuring how fast it was spinning, the higher it got I couldent feel that part of my body... say it was at 50%, I couldent feel the bottom 50% of my body. It eventually got up to 99% and I literally thought I was going to die, immediately at that point I was transported into my stomach, and rode vomit up my throat and threw up. I was sitting in teh car like a dumbfuck while everyone else was talking and laughing thinking was the hell was going on, and stuck my head through the gap between the seat and the side of the car acting like I was spying on everyone. We drove home and I threw up 3 other times, one all over the car but it was my car so no harm done, got it clean easy anyways.

    Probably forgetting alot but thats what I remember haha
  2. I'm not really sure how to respond to all that. That's hella-intense.
    And yeah- apparently you are a lightweight. Maybe try toking in a chill environment? Put on a movie and lay back? Don't get all wrapped up in your head. Enjoy the moment. Don't try and make things into something they aren't.
    Good luck :wave:
  3. Dude, i dont know if i can believe that. Either that shit was laced or your just bullshitting. Sorry, weed doesnt do that to you.
  4. yeah hahaha pics or it didnt happen,i mean my first few times i got high but not what your describing
  5. dude i feel you on the cartoon/animated shit. if i go like a week without smoking and then smoke some real nice headies it always happens. nothing close to actually seeing shit like what happend to you..but i just get this feeling everything is animated.
  6. I believe your story man I know a guy that was suuuuuuuuupeeeerrrr lightweight and was seeing those little plastic army men all over hes like "dude grab that one!" I was like what? hes like "theyre everywhere!"
  7. oh my goodness,
    holy shit!

    i didn't read your second story but i read the first one. i'm too excited! i thought i was the only person in the world who the whole "line in the middle of your vision dividing cartoon world and reality world" thing happen! mind you, this was one of my first times getting as high as i did, and goddamn, i was fucked up.

    my friend's brother had just come home from work and i remember thinking he was a wolf for some reason? i'm not sure.

    but it's good to hear that this has happened to someone else. whenever i tell my friends about it, they're like, "what the fuck man, you're totally bullshittin'"
  8. Haha, you sound like the worst possible person to get high with..

    Always sketching, it would be a nightmare

  9. We had a friend like that so we named him sketchy scott.

    We didn't smoke with him that much.
  10. it is very plausiable, i see and here stupid shit too, i was convince my girlfreinds brother ( ex gf now) was a cop when i was stoned her. he rang my aparement door and i was too afraid to answer, were all young and dumb thats the beatiy of smoking, let ur mind take over, and chillllllllll

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