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    Earlier I was smoking a joint in my car at the park, and decided it would be nice to open the moonroof since the air felt cool & fresh.
    There was 1-2 feet of snow but it was sunny and around 55 -60 .
    So my stoned self is thinking "not snowing currently.. No snow on top of car." So I hold the button down looking straight ahead listening to music, and a huge avalanche of snow swoops down and covers me.

    I have many more just need to remember them.. o well I'm sure more will come :smoke:

    Any other blades got some stoned "oops" moments?
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    Lmfao I could totally see myself or a friend doing that

    The other day a couple friends picked me up and we all re-upped our stash. Our dealer is chill guy we are all friends with and he came in the car and we burned for a while. I got blazed then when my bud dropped me off I totally forgot my bag of weed was in my lap. Got out of the car, went inside and and listened to music. Bout 10 minutes later I was looking for my bag and couldn't find it. I thought I forgot in my friends car but he said there was nothing. I retraced my steps all the way outside and there was my bag laying in the driveway lmao.
  3. ^ hahaa

    i drop my ipod at least once or twice per sesh. I'll be sittin down finishing a J and will quickly stand up forgetting its on my lap. + sometimes the ear phones come out too and they're those rubber suction cup ones so they rip out of my ear (other times i'll drop it and the music stays playing :metal:)

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