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Stoned on Christmas, got thinking..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sparky73, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. I went to a dispensary about an hour from me, and their selection was a lot bigger than the one I currently go to. Well I bought a couple different strains, including this one that had hardly any thc, but a high cbd for pain relief. Since there is minimal thc, would that mean it would take less time to clear from your body? aka, drug tests?
  2. OP high as fuck zone deep in his mind. 420 blaze it Jesus mas day.
  3. what area did you go to OP?
  4. dude you just got your weed from a dispensary. why are you thinking about drug tests?

  5. :D You know damn well we all think of random, Stupid and brilliant shit when we get to a certain high.
  6. never really thought about that haha.

    I mean I guess it would, but I just find it hard to believe
  7. Lower THC% in the bud = smaller amount of THC entering the blood stream and then being stored. Seeing as how most drug tests are for parts of THC per ml or whatever. Although, I have no idea how about the process of your body storing and releasing THC. I'd say the odds are more likely not, although there is the possibility.
  8. Dude you're fucking awsome! OP this is a fantastic idea +rep
  9. No, in urine tests they test for THC-Cooh which CBD, and all other elements of cannabis turn into THC-Cooh
  10. What does buying from a dispensary have to do with drug tests?
  11. Great responses! Had a great Christmas ;)

    I'm all set being legal, but I thought this may come in handy to someone, if it were true.
  12. You can only buy from dispensary with mmj card, if u have a mmj card it dont matter if u get drug tested
  13. you people are fucking retarded omg.. Drug tests dont JUST test for THC, Coke, Heroin, blah blah blah, They also test for chemicals, and compounds that make up the drug, the bulk of cocaine for instance can leave your body in a few days, but some of the chemicals that alone arent cocaine will remain, so if it just tested for cocaine it wouldnt be positive, as its not longer cocaine, its just 1/3 of what makes cocaine, understand? dont know why i chose cocaine to explain, but anyway, ALL drug tests test for THC and Cannibinoids. (CBD) so, your theory would not work sorry to say.
  14. Wow dude you know how much of a dick you sound like when you show up, tell everyone off, and start throwing shit and call it fact? The world isn't black and white.

    In fact, the greater majority of drug tests that any of us would be taking DON'T test for chemicals beyond the most basic compound. They test for THC, not it's derivatives. Most Employers (and everyone else) are too goddamn broke to use anything but the most basic urine test.

    This doesn't mean there aren't drug tests that can identify those compounds, it just means you aren't very pikely to take one. Try to be a little more respectful

  15. This isn't necessarily the case. I don't know where you live, but here in California employers have every right to deny you a position if you test positive for Marijuana use, even if you have a card and you're perfectly legal. It's sort of a gray area of the law
  16. [​IMG]

    I don't know. If there is a higher CBD than it would slow the rate of THC clearance from the body. Good thought though....

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