Stoned on a school night......

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GreenLeaf, Aug 12, 2002.

  1. Last night i got stoned off a small joint before i went to bed, i was stressed because i had school the next day and so i decided to take a break and smoke a joint. Well I completely underestimated how chronic that shit was because i was ripped! i went outside for a cigarette, and as i was walking around i just got completely paranoid, i could hear doors closing see lights turning on and shit, i was freaking out something hardcore. I wrote down all this wierd shit in my journal and went to bed, i do this quite abit, that is, smoke on school nights. If any of you have had any similar experiences or you too smoke on school nights, reply, and also reply if you want me to tell you more about the stories i have about smoking on school nights......

    Have a nice day.

    P.S. If you want another one of my school night stories, read a post called 'Study breaks'....Peace
  2. thumbs up on smoking on a school night if ya can handle it!

    i used to write my BEST essays while stoned, sure i would sit there for hours revising it, but that attention to detail and creativity worked for my advantage, and the grades proved it too~
  3. Hey,

    I dont usually smoke on school nights, i prefer to smoke during the school day, when i get an afternoon of for sport then me and sum mates often go of for a j. The biggest problem about this is the resultant paranoia, but just observing normal activities of fellow students who arent stoned can be reallt funny.

    i rememba this 1 time me and a mate were completely roaded and we decided to go through the woods to get to the local shop, (for munchie satisfaction) all of a sudden my my mate who had completely lost his coordination stuck his foot in a massive pool of mud, anyway suddenly it turned into an indiana jones adventure, i could practically hear the music as i climbed, over fallen trees and through bushes. After ages of this we came out of the woods exactly where we went in, although i had been 100% sure of where i was going throughout!

    There have been sum other funny experiences like forgetting how to speak........


    soz smeg

    smoke weed till u bleed, and smoke the green and keep it lean.
  4. Smoking on school nights is fine. Wait till everyone has gone to bed, put some music on and toke up. Helps me sleep, makes me refreshed for the next day.
  5. Heh, how about smoking right before school? that's always fun. makes the day go oooooooh so much faster.

    ps 'Roaded'? never heard that one before Smaug. where ya from?
  6. ahhh, smoking before school, damn right it makes it go by faster, because you can always sleep a lot better in first period. Smoking on school nights helps me do my homework better, because when im not stoned i dread doing homework, but when i am stoned, homework is fun. Have you ever noticed that an essay always seems so good when youve written it stoned, but when your straight and read it again your like did I write this shit?
  7. hee hee - i smoke on every school night. and the best part - i ain't a student. :D
  8. hehe, i smoked a bowl from my bubbler before school on the first day, it was a blast and took the edge off ya know, being at school
  9. greenleaf, Ive never experience anything like what you have, smoking the night before could possibly be that just you were thinking about it and possibly making you a lil paranoid? I really dont have any answers for yea, If though it makes you feel that uncomfortable then, just dont, or maybe earlier? I dunno I dont see anything really to buggy about what your feeling, Ive done the same thing before, kind of bugged out, wrote (some really odd things!), passed out had some weird dreams and went to school the next day...maybe it was just the kind of cheeb you smoked?
  10. yea roaded is wot we call it in england.

    yea smokin at skool is gr8, u jus gotta watch dat u dont get busted cos do not like it u know, they fukni report 2 da pigs.

    neway. where r u guys from?

    eva bin wiv a bird when ur stoned? n woken up and met her da nxt day? OH SHIIT! worse dan alcohol. fuk man it deludes u.

    i got dese birdz stoned once, 2 of dem, wiv a m8. hoped 2 score wiv em, took em back 2 our place, but dey jus monged out completely. couldnt keep der heads up, fukin hilarious!!!

    they sed they schmoked but obviously not, fukin virgin lungs.
    neway ganj dusnt always help get birdz in da mood, so make sure u seen dem smokin b4, so u dont ruin ur chances dat nite.

    cu dudes, keep it green!!! - free da leaf in england
  11. I think that smoken on school nights is the best, but whats better is smoking before you go to school.
  12. I tend to forget everything when I smoke before school or even on school nights and thus forget about it... I smoke on weekends, it tends to keep the tolerance down too

    peace work love happiness tokes
  13. shit i smoke before school, at lunch, after school, and at school nigts early and right before i go to bed.. is that too much? :)
  14. smoke on school nights?!! ROTFL we smoke ALL day!!! we are a bunch of fiends though. we wake and bake like 3 out of the 5 days of school. we will go and pawn stuff at like 11 in the morning just to be able to make it through the day....addicted?? i think so...
  15. i love going to school stoned secaily on pe mornings all i do is eat and chill

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