Stoned on a long ride with Dad.

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  1. I'm home for the weekend (came home yesterday). I talked to my dad about going to Guitar Center over the weekend to pick up some drum shit for myself, we've been going since I was like 15 so it's something we do together.

    Anyways, he says we'll go on saturday and offers to drive. No problem.

    It's 6pm last night, I'm chillin with some friends and smoking on my patio. Dad calls me, "Hey, I have work tomorrow (sat), I'll be home in 10 minutes and we'll go when I'm home.

    My friends leave, and I'm in the car with my dad. A former police officer. To make things worse the ride to Guitar Center is about 35 minutes away. The whole car ride was awkward.

    My parents don't know I smoke. My dad was testing me! Saying things like, "Man, my mouth is so dry." He said to me, "Your allergies must be getting bad, those eyes are all red." I used eye drops!

    While I was looking out the window, I saw in the corner of my eye my dad making weird ass faces at me!

    We got there fine, but man it was FUCKED up.

    TL;DR - long ass car ride with dad super stoned, really fucking weird.
  2. Hahahaha, that's some good shit. My boys dad is a cop and he would be all over my boy if he saw him with red eyes..... We came back from a 3 hour swim session with a bunch of honies once and homeboys eye were bloodshot red, and his pops started accusing him of being a fucking crack-addict. Silly fucking pigs.
  3. There are some times where I want to tell both my parents, but my dad just wouldn't understand it. I don't know what his opinion is on marijuana either.
  4. haha wow i cannot believe that happened to you
  5. HAHA, he made faces that's fucking funny. He knows you stone now.
  6. My dad and I go to sci fi movies together, that's something we do together, and before we went to see district 9 I blazed a huge bubbler bowl while he was waiting in the car. I sprayed myself down with axe, and I get in the car probably reeking of weed and axe and all he did was *sniff* *sniff*. He knows I smoke but doesn't like to confront me anymore about it.
  7. Yo OP, talk to your dad about the politics of Marijuana to see his opinion, if you are in college are a senior in highschool just act like your teacher was talking about it in class and try to get his opinion.
  8. Damn, least he seemed okay about it. Haha, funny. My mom does that to me too. If my dad knew though, shit wouldn't go so well.
  9. Diesel, I'm in my sophomore year of college. That's a great way to find out without directly asking him.

    I think he was waiting for me to laugh at the faces, but I'm good at holding it in. I saw him pretend to bite on something like a dinosaur or some shit.

    Do you think my dad knows now? I want him to.
  10. sort of off topic, but i finally came out to my parents about my smoking. Im grown, so it seemed really ridiculous not being open with my daily habits. they are both retired marines and not very "down", for lack of a better word, so i expected an awkward response. it went so well, though, and ive been discussing making them a few edibles, as they are both on many medications for complications resulting from the gulf war.

    anyway, tough break, bro. hopefully one day, you wont have to worry about things like this.

  11. LOL he definitely knows man. I think now that he's aware that you toke, you should try and talk to him about it. That might be hard because I don't know how susceptible he'll be about it, and he's a cop too. But once you talk to him about it and show him the facts I'm sure you guys will get along better and have a better connection.

    Unless he looses his shit... then you're fucked;)

    But if he's chompin on dinosaurs he sounds pretty chill.:hello:

    good luck:)
  12. Haha....

    Your dad is cool as hell, even if he's not down with smoking. Making faces and shit at high people is fun as shit :p

  13. it really is, especially when ur high as well
  14. He's your father before he's a cop, you'll be fine. He already knows.
  15. haha yeah he knows for sure. wouldn't be suprised if he's doing it/done

    he's ex cop meaning he dont gotta worry about the random drug tests so he could be baking without you knowin

    but you coulda been imaginin him making those faces aswell. ive done that a couple times if i see something in the corner of my eye
  16. I bet that when you finally tell him you smoke weed, he's going to ask if you were high that day on the way to Guitar Center haha.

    That's cool you're a drummer, I am too;)

    What do you play on? Here's a pic of my kit
  17. I definitely wasn't imagining it. I even heard his mouth chomp when he bit, it was weird as fuck.

    Dan, I play on a 4 piece maple DW kit in broken glass. Here's a bad picture:

    Doesn't show off the true finish. Put them under stage lights... :D

    Sorry my drum area was a mess that day... getting a roc n soc throne tomorrow!
  18. kinda got use to being stoned around my parents, they always catch on to the red eyes ( got smmart over time and bought some, but as im a stoner i forget occasionally) and any kind of smell of smoke. my dad particularly knows the smells of any kind of cigar
  19. Maybe he was stoned too...he did say his mouth was dry.:confused:

    I've been in the same position. Me and my folks went to help my aunt and uncle move. After finally getting everything over to their new house, 12 hours later, my cousin smokes me out. I get super stoned, so I ended up sitting on the couch higher than shit. Thankfully, most thought I was dead tired.

    My dad decides he's ready to go home and asks me if I'm ready. My first instinct was to say no, but I ended up going anyways. It was a 30 minute ride home. I'm pretty sure he knew I was high, but he didn't say anything. We ended up having great conversation. Everything from politics, to work, to marijuana and the drug war.

    It was great, wasn't too awkward. I was scared though.:smoke:

    And another thing, most of the time, dads know. They just don't say shit, but they know.
  20. ^^ fasle when my eyes are red after waking up with my conntacts in or from itchy eyes,, my dad asks me if ive been smokin pot i say no and he asks me to blow at him. hates it so much that i smoke but its not his choice. and thats funny as shit that ur dad made faces at u n chowin down a dinosaur.

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