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-STONED- on 3 hits of chronic

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by somepoe, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. TOOK  Hits of this dam dank shit i just picked up and its some of the dankest exotic i ever smoked i only took 3 hits and im smoked out!! blazed!!! even though i got skimped and only got .25 for 10$ wtf??  but i  still have plenty left :D stay stoned fellahs

  2. a quarter of a gram?
  3. 3 hits? Shouldn't that be gone with that amount?
  4. I remember my first days of smoking... could be mids and he would be just as high :bongin:
  5. ive had some shit where its one hit and you're decently high, i smoke around .5 - 3gs daily too so my tolerance isnt super low
  6. Damn, you got a nic for $10.
    Also, I take .1 snaps so if I were you that shit would be gone, haha.
  7. im not new i just mostly smoke alot of mids and only occassionally buy dank I dont usually get ripped off this is just fluffy bud and seemed ok and ihad to do the deal fast. THis is  hOWEVER SOME REAL GOOD EXOTIC. but i have been smoking 3 years im not a noob
  8. what does exotic mean? 
  9. dank, high quality weed etc
  11. oh I just call that weed.. just messin with you man, congrats on your 3 hitter quitter  :metal:
    lol I was just fuckin wit you, I dont call it exotic because it comes out of my closet, not from some faraway land... and if I could only afford to pick up .2 at a time I would jump off a building
  13. I am new to the marijanas so how much should I inject oh so wise kush toker 
  14. Some high quality dank can really do a lot with a little when you are a new smoker, for sure

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